Cities in Spain: Wesca

The city of Wesca (the most-known from the Aragonian capitals) is located in the sorts of Pyreneev, in the area affecting its unusual beauty. The Old Town (Casco-Vieho) of Huesca lies in the Rio-Isuela River’s radiation and is famous for its Gothic Cathedral, the unusual facade of which is emphasized by a massive door belonging to the earlier church (XIII in.), the characteristic masonry gallery in the style of Mudjar and decorated with turrets of the upper section. The main treasure of the Cathedral – Retablo (Saltar Image) Damian forment. Next door to the Cathedral is the complex of the Diosoano Museum, which contains a sufficiently diverse collection of objects collected in rural churches. At Plaza Universidad is a Huesca Museum with an extensive collection of archaeological and cult subjects from all over the field.

However, the main point of attraction here is Loarr Castle, located 30 km north-west, near the village of the same name. This is the most exciting Fortress Aragon and one of the most majestic fortification complexes of Spain. Built by Sancho Ramirez, the King of Navarre, at the beginning of the XI century, he was a long time to be the southern outpost of Christian kingdoms in their confrontation with Sarcins. In addition to the castle itself, his romance church is good with carved capitals in the apse and around the windows, as well as a couple of towers – Torre de la Reina and Torre del Orenakh.

Around the ridge Sierra de Guara – Low (highest point – Punton de Guara, 2078 m) mountains, since 1990 protected as a natural park. There are no particularly rich natural complexes here – vegetation is low and often just scarce. But in the spurs of the mountains in the set there are picturesque gorges, prehistoric caves with flavored drawings and attractive mountain villages. This is the main center of campaigns on canyons not only Spain – there are many fans of active recreation from France and other European countries, and many caves are protected as historical monuments. In the southeastern part of the mountain range lies the town Alkesear (Alkese on the Aragonian Adcharation) – Park Gate and the most developed tourist center of the region. Characteristic arched alkeframes are dating at least a century, as the Moorish Citadel over the Rio Vero River. Christians took the town storm in 1064, and at the beginning of the XII century, built inside the fortress the beautiful Church of the de-Santa Maria La Major (restored in 2007.). The track from the Citadel leads down to the river and Puente de Villacantal – one of the most picturesque ancient bridges Sierra. Also attractive Also nearby villages of Koluno, Lesain and town Bierhe With the most significant religious monument in Sierra de Guara – the Church of Ermita de San fruutoso (XII in.).

Reviews and studies of trips

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Markych | summer 2013

Cities of Spain Week

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