Cities of Spain: Trujillo

The small town of Trujillo (Trujillo) is not wonderful is considered the most attractive city of Extremadura. It is a classic set of richest mansions, towers and castles remaining actually intact from the XVI century. Trujillo is obliged to all this magnificence of Francisco Pizarro – "Peru Conqueror" and one of the cult characters of local legends. In the center of a dense network of streets of old quarters, Plaza Major was spread, surrounded by palaces and church, a dozen cafe and restaurants, around which almost all the life of the city. The center is towering the bronze statue of Pisarro (oddly enough – a gift of the American sculptor, some Carlos Ramsey, 1929.). In the south-western corner of the square, the palace of La Conquist is towers – the largest mansions of Trujillo, a famous roof sculpture, symbolizing twelve months. A large church of San Martin is located on the diagonal (there is a necropolis, in which many of America researchers are buried, including Francisco de Orelian – the first amazon researcher). Nearby is the Palace of Los Dukes de San Carlos with picturesque chimney on the roof, so similar to the Pyramids of the New World Indians.

Also in Trujillo, you can see the domed Torre del Alfieler, the gate of the XV century, known as Arco-De Santiago, Santiago Church (XIII in.), Palace Palace de Los Chavez (XIII-XV centuries.), Santa Maria Major (XIV in., The most interesting of the numerous churches of the city), mansion of Casa-Miseo-Pizarro (as it is clear from the name – the residence of the conquistador and his house-museum) and the nearby De La Coria Museum (an extensive exhibition on the history of the Conquists), the Moorish castle on the top of the hill over City (IX in., rebuilt in XV in., Restored in the XIX in.), Excellent Palace Palace Orienan-Pisarro (XV-XVI centuries.) and many other historical structures.

Cities of Spain Trujillo

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Trujillo, Extremadura

The current type of Plasa Major acquired in the XVI century. Square of centuries was a commercial center where fairs and presentations were held. Now here are restaurants and bars. Read more →

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