Cities in Spain: Tarragona

In the very center of Costa Dorada lies the former capital of the Roman province of Iberia and the second in size of the city of Catalonia – Tarragona (Tarragona).

Beaches in Tarragona

Tarragona coastline stretches 15 kilometers. All beaches are wide, sandy, with small golden sand and long gentle entrance to the sea; Ideal for family holidays with children. A part of the beaches in Tarragona is located in small bays. In different years, most beaches of the resort were awarded a prestigious blue flag. The average temperature in summer + 25 ° C, in winter to + 12 ° C.

  • Savinosa Beach in Tarragona
  • Miracle / Comandancia Beach in Tarragona
  • Beach Arrabassada, Tarragona
  • Small Beach Capellans

Beach Miracle / Comandancia Located west of the center of Tarragona. The coast is equipped with shower and dressing cabins, as well as bars. Rent of umbrellas and chaise lounges on the beach is not available. Beach length – 500 m, width – 75 m.

Beach Arrabassada equipped with shower and changing cabins; Along the coast there are bars and restaurants with summer verandas. Beach Length – 550 m, Width – 65 m.

Nudist beach Savinosa Located in a small bay. Rent of lounge chairs and umbrellas on the beach is not available. Beach length – 350 m, width – 30 m.

Tiny beach Capells equipped with only shower and dressing cabins; Other infrastructure on the coast is absent.

Larga – One of the central beaches in Tarragona; In the summer months it is especially crowded and noisy. Drawing on three kilometers the beach is equipped with bars and coastal restaurants, it is available for rental of sun beds and umbrellas, there are beach volleyball courts, as well as children’s zones. Beach width – 30 m.

Located in the Bay Natural Beach Cala Fonda Not equipped, but despite this, is one of the best nudist beaches in Tarragona. Beach length – 200 m, width – 25 m.

Natural beach Roca Plana Also located in a small bay east of the center of Tarragona – and popular among nudists. The length of the beach is 205 m, width – 26 m.

  • Picturesque coast Tarragona
  • Cities of Spain Tarragona
  • Natural beach Roca Plana in Tarragona
  • Beach La Mora in the east Tarragona
  • Acquid Beach Cala Jovera

Remote to the east of the center of Tarragona Beach La Mora spread over half a kilometer; Beach width – 65 m. On a well-equipped coast, rental of umbrellas and chaise lounges, as well as water bicycles; There are zones for beach volleyball and football.

Staterome beach Cala Jovera not equipped, and therefore even in the peak of the season on the coast of deserted.

Natural beach Tamarit, Ranted almost two kilometers to the east of the city, equipped with shower and dressing cabins, as well as bars and restaurants.

Accommodation in Tarragona

Most hotels in Tarragona are comfortable family hotels, as well as guest houses, each of which surprises its unique style. Large hotel complexes are focused mainly along the Mediterranean coast. In addition, apartments are available in Tarragona, available for weeks; as a rule, from Saturday to Saturday. Campgrounds are located west and east of the city center.

Attractions Tarragona

Tarragon today is a large industrial and commercial center whose attractions fit within part-alta, historical part of the city. In part-alta are interesting for visiting the fortress walls of the old Tarracon, where you can see Roman facilities and fragments of later eras.

  • Pollol Square in Tarragona
  • Roman facilities in Tarragona
  • Fortress Walls of the Old Tarracon
  • Face-Alta Quarter in Tarragona

In addition, the old town is located forum, Circus, theater, Arena Gladiatorovsky fighting and amphitheater (II in.), Gate Portal del Roser and Square Font and Balo del Mediterrani. Cost to visit the Cathedral (XII-XIV centuries.) with a museum located in it, as well as the Palace of Congresses in the rocky array.

How to get to Tarragona

Airports closest to Tarragona are located in Barcelona (82 km) and in the town of Reus (7 km). Direct railway communication connects Tarragona with the largest resorts of Costa Dorada, including C Salou and Sitges.

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