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Thanks to the continuing winds, the best zone in Spain for windsurfing and kitesurfing is considered coastal waters in the city of Tarifa (Tarifa), the most southern port of Gibraltar Strait. Comfortable beaches are concentrated to the West of the tariff; In the East there are hard-to-reach and rocky sections of the coast.

Beach tariffs

To the west of the tariff, in the southernmost point of the continental Europe, the beach is located Chica. It is equipped with shower and changing cabins; Available for rent of sun beds and umbrellas. Chica is suitable for a relaxed family holiday with children, as well as for snorkeling. Windsurfing is possible only during the winter months.

  • Landscapes around tariffs
  • Narrow streets tariffs
  • The ruins of ancient Roman city in the vicinity of tariffs
  • One of the walls of Castillo de Guzman in the tariff

On the main urban beach Los Lances Excellent conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing are created year-round. Exception – high season, July and August, when it creates inconveniences for ordinary tourists. On the coast, there are platforms for volleyball and football, bars work.

Beach Río Jara Starts behind the football field that closes the beach Los Lances. Wonderful conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing have been created on its huge territory. Equipment rental, as well as school sailing on the coast.

Beach Dos Mares Removed from the center tariffs for five kilometers and suitable for windsurfing and kaitsurfing. It is possible to rent equipment. Beginners athletes can undergo training sailing from experienced instructors. The beach is equipped with shower and cabins for dressing.

Beach Atre Vida Located between the hotel of the same name and the Hurricane Hotel, 6 km north-west of the tariffs. Thanks to strong waves, it has a good reputation among the surfers. On weekends on the coast is especially crowded. The beach is available for rental equipment; There are no shower and cabins for dressing.

  • View from Castillo de Guzman castle on Gibraltar Strait
  • Roman ruins in the vicinity of tariffs
  • Cities of Spain Tarifa
  • Castillo De Guzman Castle in Tariff
  • Castillo De Guzman Castle Walls, Tariff

Beach Hurricane Discussed between the hotel of the same name and the Camping Torre de La Peña (8 km north-west tariffs). It is possible to study the basics of windsurf. The coast is concentrated bars and restaurants, shower and dressing cabins available on the territory of the campsite. It is important that there is not enough space for kaitsurfing.

Camping Torre de La Peña Beach begins Los Valdevaqueros, which stretches until the end of the Bay Valdevaros. Los Valdevaqueros (8 km from tariffs) – one of the most popular beaches among windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers, located. It has a sailing school and equipment rental.

10 km west of the tariff located the beach by trees Punta Paloma, One of the most beautiful in the resort. Windsurfing and kaitsurfing is available on only experienced athletes; Rental equipment on the coast is not available.

Hotels in Tarifa

Hotels in Tarifa are located along the Mediterranean coast. Camping and private pensions are focused on placing outdoor enthusiasts – and often offer small discounts for training and rental equipment for wind and kiteurfing.

Attractions Tariffs

Scenic castle Castillo de Guzmán is the main attraction Tariffs. With its observation deck, beautiful views of the Gibraltar Strait and the Morocco mountain peaks are opening.

How to get to tariffs

The nearest airports are located in Malaga and in Jerez de la Frontera (Jerez de La Frontera).

Get to the Moroccan port city of Tangier may be on the ferry, which leaves from the tariff every two hours. Travel time – 35 minutes.

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