Cities in Spain: Sitges (Sitges)

SJESS (Sitges) – the nexian and party resort closest to Barcelona, ​​capable of competing with Ibiza by the number of nightclubs, as well as round-the-clock bars and restaurants. In addition, SJES is the capital of Spanish gay culture and the place of the most informal carnivals of the country.

  • Embankment of Sitges
  • Beach in Sizhse
  • Festival in Sizheshe
  • Church of the XVII century in Sizhse


Sitges are located 17 sandy beaches, most of which in different years have received an international quality certificate – blue flag. Directly in the city concentrated eleven beaches; Four Beach removed east of the center of Sjes. Two beachs located west of the resort are difficult to access and do not equip. Most beaches are shower and dressing cabins.

Urban and beaches, located east of Sitz, are equipped with colored flags warning about danger. Green flags report that safely bathe; Yellow – that bathing in the sea can be dangerous. Red flags warn of full bunch of bathing.

Artificial beach Anquines, Created in about a hundred years ago, owes its existence to the hotel Terramar. The beach is perfectly protected from storms – and is suitable for family holidays with young children. The length of the beach is 160 m, width – 50 m.

Feature of the beaches Barra and Terramar are four artificially created islands that protect sand from erosion. The length of each beach is about 400 meters, width – 25 m.

Beach Riera Xica and Estanyol Located in Vinyet residential area. Estanyol’s beach is unique in its own: on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays after lunch on the beach are played by local musicians. The length of both beaches is about 700 meters, width – 20 m.

On the beach Bassa Rodona All services are available, with the exception of the bar. Beach length – 285 m, width – 18 m.

Lively beach Ribera Located in the heart of Sjesz; in the summer months there is especially crowded. The length of the beach is 260 m, width – 36 m.

Staterome beach Fragata focused on youth leisure. The beach is available for renting water bikes; There are small playgrounds for beach volleyball and football. However, the Rent of umbrellas and chairs is not available on Fragata. Beach width – 35 m.

Another popular resort beach – San Sebasti&# 225; n – Located in the port area of ​​Sjesz. The beach has excellent opportunities to relax with young children. The length of the beach is about 200 meters, width – 20 m.

Beach Balmins consists of three small bays with a total length of about 250 meters; Located between the port and the city center. The beach is informally considered a nudist.

Small beach Aiguadol&# 231; Located east of Sydjes. Even in the peak of the season on the beach is not very. The length of the beach is only 145 m, width – 20 m.

Beaches in the vicinity of Sjesz

Nudist beach Cala Morisca protected from inquisitive views with steep cliffs. Restaurant has a restaurant on the beach. Beach length – 140 m, width – 50 m.

Cities of Spain SJES (Sitges)

East from Sitges Beach Garraf part of the resort. The beach is located in a small fishing village, where there are no noisy bars and nightclubs. Strong entrance to the sea, as well as calm waters make the beach perfect for recreation with children. Beach length – 350 m, width – 25 m.

Located in the city of the same name Botigues – The biggest in the vicinity of Syzhes. The beach is available for rental of umbrellas and chaise lounges; Water bike rental. Beach width – about one and a half kilometers, length – 100 m.


Mostly in Sizhes, four-star hotels are located; On the territory of most hotels there are round-the-clock bars and restaurants. In addition, accommodation is possible in guesthouses, camping, as well as in the apartment, renting for any time.


Art connoisseurs is worth visiting the House-Museum of the artist Santiago Rusignol – Cau Ferrat ("Iron Nest"), where not only his work is presented, but also the works of Salvador Dali, El Greco, Pablo Picasso and others.


An international film festival is held annually in Sizhs, one of the most important events of cinematic Europe. The famous colorful carnival is held on the streets of Sitz in February and March.

How to get

To Sitges and other resorts from Barcelona, ​​it is convenient to get on Renfe suburban trains, which run from morning to late evening, or on buses. The road from Barcelona to Sitges on the train or bus takes no more than 40 minutes. All resorts have a taxi service, as well as car rental agencies.

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