Cities in Spain: Siudadel

Little picturesque town of Siudadel (Ciutadella) is located in the north-west of the island, highly aiming over the harbor of the same name. This is the former capital of Menorca, whose origin and formation refers to the Phoenician period. Like Mao, the ancient medina-minister, as this city was called, in 1558 he was destroyed by Turkish corsairs, but the survivors resolutely restored the city in a characteristic local style, and its compact fortified center quickly filled with rich mansions. However, Siudadel "ruin" Her uncomfortable port, and in 1722 the British administration postponed the capital to Mao. At the same time, most of the local aristocracy did not leave the city, and his insulation allowed many monuments to preserve in immunity, including characteristic narrow paved streets, beautiful old palaces hidden behind the high walls, and many baroque and gothic churches.

Cities of Spain Siudadel

In essence, this is a whole architectural ensemble that stretches along the rocky south side of the harbor. All the monuments of the city can be destroyed in literally in an hour, because they are concentrated within 3-4 blocks around the main square of Ciudlades – Plaza-Des-Borne – with Obelisk in the middle, which, oddly enough, was erected in memory of the unsuccessful protection of the city from the siege 1558 of the year. On the western side of the square, the Akhuntment (Municipality Hall, XIX in.), the gear walls and the arches of which are clearly imitated by the Mauritanian style in a reminder of times when the Palace of Mauritanian was standing at this place "Vali" (governor). In the northeast corner of the area there is Palau Torresaura (XIX in.) – The most beautiful of the old aristocratic mansions framing the area. Also good as the Fortress Cathedral (XIII in.), the tiny church of Esglesi-del-Roser (XVII in.), luxurious mansion of Kan-Saura (XVII in.) with elegant stone masonry, Museum of Dioso de Menorca in the complex of the Old Women’s Monastery, the Old Market ("Mercat") at Plaza-Festatat, Arcade in the Mauritan style Ses Woltes and the Municipal Museum in the complex of old urban fortifications. And the south-east of the city begins beautiful beaches sandwiched between the cliffs of the Cala Enth Turkish bay.

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