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The capital of the Autonomous Region – the city of Saragoza (Zaragoza) lies in almost the center of Aragon. This is the fifth largest city of Spain, almost half of the half-andpilled population of Aragon live here, and 60% of all goods of the region are produced. The city is a little known to a massive tourist, but the locals consider him "The most spanish city of Spain". And this is not surprising – founded by the Romans in 24 g. to N. NS. Under the name of Caesaragusta (which is from where its modern name), Saragoza managed to visit the venue for universal Christian Synod (380 g.), and the county of the Cordin Caliphate in the fight against Christians, and the capital of the first kingdom of Aragon, and the venue for the exhibition "Expo Zaragoza 2008".

The center of Zaragoza is considered recently reconstructed area of ​​Plaza del Pilar (1750-1760.) With the old Cathedral de Salvador (La Ce, 1140-1516.), amazing in its style by the Basilica of Nourera-Senora del Pilar, Museums of Form de Caesaragusta and Puerto-Luvivial de Caesaragusta. Nearby are the Renaissance Building of the Exchange (XVI in.), Roman and medieval defensive walls, as well as a huge fountain Fuente de la Spandadd. A little south is the Iberket Museum (private collection of Samon Asnara) in the perfectly restored Palace-de-Los Pardo Palace, and east – the center of the history of Zaragoza, widely known for its multimedia expositions and permanent art exhibitions. Also within the radius of five quarters from Plaza del Pilar, you can find the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena with her most beautiful bell tower in the city (currently restored), Ruins of the Roman theater at Plaza de San Pedro, the Zaragoza Museum (the largest Goya Work Collection), San Miguel Church (XIV in.) And Santa Encassion, two actively restored Towers in the style of Mudjar – San Pablo and San Hell (XIV in., However, their bell tents are Arab minarets XI in.), as well as the Pablo Gargalo Museum in the complex of the Argilo Palace.

The visiting card of the city is considered to be an exciting Moorish castle of Alkhaferia (X-XI centuries., rebuilt in XV in., Now here is a parliament of Aragon) – the most beautiful Moorish complex in Northern Spain. The sights of Zaragoza also include the old city gates of Puerta del Carmen, the impressive collection of Roman ruins throughout the center (all monuments of this period are part of the four museums of Kaso-Vieho complex, the entirely dedicated to the Roman heritage), the Church of Santiago (San Ildontso) and Monastery Facetas (All Moorish monuments of the city are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List), Pilarist Museum with the works of Goya, Velasquez and Brothers Baye, the Museum of Religious Art Sacristy Major, Kondes de Morart Palaces (Audential), Dean, Torrero (College dean -Ravitos), Don Lope, Real-Maestrans, Sastago and others (all – XVI in.).

South of Plaza del Pilar, between the streets of De Alfonso and de Don Hama, the zone of El Torube stretches (often this area is called El Casco Viejo – "Old city") – Traditional nightlife center and place of focusing most of the best restaurants and city bars. Other popular areas of entertainment – La Sona, El Rolo and El Embiente – are also located in the old part of the city.

Around Zaragoza can find such interesting objects as "Wine road" Ruta de los Vinos, Monasteries Cartuha de Aula dei and Mouel, Museum of wine in Karinena, Complex Chinko-Willas (a number of villages complained by King Felipe V to their warlords distinguished in the so-called war for Spanish inheritance, 1701-1714.) with picturesque estates and castles, the church in the style of Mudjar in the town Tauste, An impressive castle (XIII in.) v Sadab, Motherland Fernando II – town SOS DEL-RAY COLOLICO With its picturesque old mansions, Cisryan Monastery of Veriewel, as well as colorful medieval towns of Tarason, Calatayud, Piedra and Dimak.

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Cities of Spain Saragoza

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