Cities in Spain: Ribadeo

Around Ribado (Ribadeo) there are several pleasant beaches.

Among them – Playa del Fuerte de San Damian. These are four small sand corners with a pretty picnic area, which can be climbed by stone steps from the beach. Sea here calm and shallow, safe for children. The beach is owner "Blue Flag".

OS Castros – urban sandy beach 430 long and 15 meters width. During the low tide, the beach connects with a small island of Das Ilyas (Das Illas) narrow strip of sand. The sea near the beach is pretty rapid, which attracts surf lovers here. On the territory there is everything you need for recreation equipment.

Within walking distance through the picturesque meadow from Os Castros lies Playa Cabalar – a secluded peaceful beach with amazingly transparent water, snow-white sand and not too high waves. The beach lies between low cliffs, the bottom near the coast is covered with algae.

One more "Blue flag" Assigned to the beach A Pasada. It is located at the foot of a pretty high cliff, on which a picnic area is broken. The beach itself is sandy and very popular among surfers.

Cities of Spain Ribadeo

The same high waves of surfers are found near Pena Da Salsa sandy beach, limited by a stone breakdown of three-meter height. Near this charming shore in the shape of a sink is camping, to which a convenient paved road leads.

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Cathedral Beach in Ribadeo. Galicia, Spain

Why the beach of cathedrals is quite obvious. All these rocks are majestic and incredibly pompous. About 30 m high. During the slowdown, you can walk in the sand. Read more →

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