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The long and narrow mouth of the Pontevedra River is strongly reminded by the Scandinavian fjord with its steep and wooded slopes. Beautiful old town Pontevedra Now lies a little away from the sea, in the area of ​​the estuary of the Rio-Leres River. The city center is considered to be Prasza de Rinchin from its chapel Santairio de la Terrina. A little east towers the main church of the city – San Francisco, around which many fountains, gardens and open cafes can be found. From Plaza de Ferreria Square, a narrow alley labyrinth leads to the north, to the monumental zone of Ruu-Figueroa (Rua Figueroa) and an elegant Pontevedre Museum. Four of the five expositions of the museum are located in beautiful mansions grouped around the small Prasa de Lena area with its granite columns and crucifix, while the fifth – the ruins of the Church of the Gorea-Santo Domingo – Lies on Prasa de Espanya. There are also historical and artistic collections here, and in the complex Garci Flores, a whole floor is assigned to the works of the artist, cartoonist and writer Alfonso Castelo – author "Bible Gallegos" – "SEMPRA-DE-GALICIA", which is now studying in all schools in the region. Down from Prasa de Espany to the sea leads the picturesque street of Alameda, built up with magnificent old buildings and monuments in honor of various marine battles. Here it snacks "one-handed" the statue "Belieman’s beloved Galia" – Christopher Columbus, whom local residents consider their.

Pontevedra – a good starting point for a trip to numerous shores (the city itself does not have a beach), to the resorts Sanhenho On the northern shore or to the beautiful shores of the southern coast – Praia La Lansad, Portonovo, Ilya de ONS, Praia-Melide and Bew (Bawio). Coastal village Kombarro (7 km west of Pontevedra) is famous for the largest meeting "Orregos" (Characteristic stone granaries of Galicia) and their festival of Sardines (June 23). 2 km east towers the Benedictine Monastery de Pokiao (XVII in.), and the biggest "Orreg" region is located just behind him.

Cities of Spain Pontevedra

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According to legend, Pontevedra was founded by one of the heroes of the Trojan War, Teukrom. The modern name of the city was given by Romans, and translated from Latin it means "Old Most". Read more →

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