Cities in Spain: Orotava (Tenerife Island)

The city of Orotava (LA OROTAVA) was laid at the beginning of the 16th century by the Spaniards at the site of the ancient settlement of Guangchi in the picturesque and fertile valley in the north of Tenerife. Since then, in the old center of the city, the many excellent samples of traditional Canary architecture have been preserved.

Her characteristic element – carved wooden balconies – decorate House with balconies, in which the museum and souvenir shop under the workshop are located. The oldest city building is opposite and dates back to 1520 – you can also look at it. In addition, tourist interest is represented Church of Concepcion, The most impressive sample of Baroque style on the whole archipelago. Beautiful valley surrounding the city, you can admire observation deck, Named in honor of Alexander von Humbolta, it is located east of Odotava on the TF-21 highway.

Curious Botanical Garden Orotava, Where guests can see more than 3,000 species of tropical and subtropical belts from different continents. Lovely green zone for walking and recreation is broken in the garden – Garden Victoria. Here is the impressive and prefablished tomb of the Markisa Roch from Carrara Marble.

  • Botanical Garden Orotava
  • Cities of Spain Orotava (Tenerife Island)
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception in Orotava
  • Panorama of the city

It is worth mentioning an annual holiday, which is held here in June during the festival of the Body of the Lord. For one day of the city streets, we settle bright panels from volcanic sand of various shades, pink petals, pebbles and colored sawdust. The holiday is called "Day carpet", And only on this day, tourists can admire "Carpets" On the streets: they are created in the morning and destroy in the evening. The exception is the most impressive panel at the city hall, the manufacture of which begins more than a month before the holiday. On this day, parking in the city presents certain difficulties, so it should take care of it in advance.

Before Odotava, you can drive by bus from different points of the island. Schedule and routes can be found on the website www.Titsa.Com.

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La Orotava is one of the most preserved vintage cities on Tenerife, which is a model of the traditional Canary city. Founded in the XVI century by Spanish conquistadors. Read more →

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