Cities of Spain: Merida

The capital of Extremadura is the city of Merida (Merida) was founded by the Romans under the name of Emirita-Augusta in 25 BC. NS. The first of its inhabitants were the old warriors of two Roman legions, soon the city receives the status of the capital of Lusitania and quickly grow up to one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire, and in the VI century it becomes the capital of the country and the center of the richest bishopath. Until now, Merid has more Roman monuments than any other city of Spain, so the archaeological ensemble of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The business card of Merida is the Roman Bridge Puente-Romano (792 m, 69 Arches) on the Guadiana River, to protect which in general, and the city was built and which is still used as a pedestrian. Ancient Roman theater has been preserved here (one of the best in the world), Diana Temple on the territory of the Razulilla Forum, Arka Trajan (once served the entrance to the main forum of the city), Maximus Circus, Aqueducts De Los Milagros (1-3 Gg. N. NS.) and San Lasaro, Villa Mitreo, Usedripina Reservoirs and Cornalvo, another circus (I in. N. NS.), amphitheater (8 g. to N. NS.) and "new" Roman theater in which the summer festival of classical theater is now held, various temples and other constructions of the Roman period.

You can also visit the Archaeological Plot of Morlas, the National Museum of Roman Art with the most valuable collection of the classic period, Alcasab’s fortress (835 g.), Cathedral of Santa Maria (XIII in.) and the Basilica of Santa Eulalia (National Monument, it is believed that the heavenly patron of the city is buried here, in honor of which the church received her name) with a small museum.

Cities of Spain Merida

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Merida, Extremadura

The name of the province of Extremadura means "Behind the Duero River". The region is famous for its surveys, storks, nesting on the roofs, and its natives of conquistadors. Read more →

Cities of Spain Merida

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