Cities of Spain: Laredo

Located between the Treteo River (TRETO) and Santona Bay (Laredo), Laredo (Laredo) – one of the main tourist points of the Cantabrian coast.

Here is located almost the largest and beautiful beach of the region – La Salva (La Salve) – incredible white sand strip stretching for five kilometers. Surfers and windsurfing lovers consider La Salves home relatives, as well as nudists, freely accommodated in the far from the beach, called Puntal del Pasha (Puntal Del Pasaje). There is a wide promenade, along which numerous tents, shops and bars are built. On the beach there is a service of salvation, souls, changing rooms, renting all the necessary beach and sports accessories.

Small Sumauks Island (Suace) separates each other two 200 meter beach with similar characteristics: Los Barkos (Los Barcos) and Rice (RIS). On both there are large parking spaces, many greens and majestic sand dunes. Beach wide, sandy, with crystal clear water. Near the beaches there are four campsites.

Cities of Spain Laredo

On the 60-meter beach Cala de Tunnel (Cala de Tuner) You need to get along the pedestrian tunnel laid in the thicker surrounding the beach cliffs. The other end of the tunnel goes straight to one of the streets of the city. Near the exit from the tunnel there is a natural observation point from which beautiful views of the Cantabrian coast are opening. The sand on the beach is dark, large, in the water around the edges of the beach lie comfortable for sunbathing stones.

On a huge, 3900 meter beach Regaton (REGATON) You can ride horses, as well as rent a yacht, canoeing or aquatic bike in a nearby Marina. Behind the beach broke a big camping.

Cities of Spain Laredo

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