Cities of Spain: Icode de Los Vinos (Tenerife Island)

The city of Icode de Los Vinos (Icod de Los Vinos) is located in the northeast of Tenerife, at an altitude of 235 meters above sea level. It was founded at the beginning of the XVI century. The city has old houses of that time, impressive palaces and churches. But first of all, tourists attract dracaena, which otherwise is called a dragon tree. The exact age of the tree is unknown, but scientists believe that he has more than 1000 years. The diameter of the trunk is more than 10 meters, and the height of the ancient tree is about 20 meters. In 2011, the tree was announced by UNESCO as the object of world heritage.

Church of St. Mark, Built on the old place of worship of the Guangchi, is also quite interesting. Near Dragon Park situated Square Pila with old buildings, where there is a house Casa de Los Caceres, Now turned into a museum, and there is a small botanical garden. Also attention deserves Butterfly Park v Tropical greenhouse.

  • Church of St. Mark
  • Cities of Spain Icode de Los Vinos (Tenerife Island)
  • Legendary dragon tree

Not far from the city Cueva del Viento ("Wind cave"), The length of which exceeds 17 kilometers is the longest lava tunnel throughout Europe.

A separate subject of the pride of residents of the city is local wine, which is reflected in the title of the city, and in his coat of arms. Icode de Los Vinos surround the vineyards and plantations of sugarcane. Known city and its kitchen, especially desserts. Some specialists such as "Arros-a la-Miel" (honey rice) or "Lea-Assada" (Fried milk), typical of this area.

I am easy to get to Icode de Los Vinos, on the TF-5 highway, turning on the junction by signs to TF-342; The city is located 25 kilometers from Puerto de la Cruz.

Cities of Spain Icode de Los Vinos (Tenerife Island)

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