Cities of Spain: Gernik

The percussion of the tragic picture of Picasso Hernesta is the traditional center of Basque nationalism and separatism. And there is a lot of reasons – it was here for the first time the Basque Parliament gathered here, here, under the tree of Gernikako Arbola, the rights of this nation for autonomy were confirmed by the rulers of the country. Gernik became the target for the development of new methods of warfare, when April 27, 1937 aircraft "Legion Condor" (almost all the pilots of which served in Luftwaffe) erased from the face of the city center and killed more than 1600 people. Parliament, the church and the tree of Gerniki miraculously were not affected, but the rest of the city was so serious that the recovery was launched until the mid-60s. For the Basque, Hernery’s visit is Rather Pilgrimage than a tourist trip, however, and for a foreigner here there will be a lot of attention to the attention of monuments – the Museum of Peace, the Historical Museum of Eusal-Erria, the Gardens of the European Park, the Church of Santa Maria La Antigua and the Hernery Tree itself Parliament Buildings (the new escape was planted in 2005, when the old tree had to cut down).

Cities of Spain Grannie

5 km from the city is the Paleolithic complex of Cueva de Santimamine caves, colorful village Omar with her "painted forest" (the work of the artist Augustine Ibarrolov), as well as lying a little west of the watershed of the Mundak, declared by UNESCO by the cultural and natural reserve of world importance (here is the most diverse set of ecosystems in the Basque Country and this submit for millions of migratory birds from all over Europe).

Cities of Spain Grannie

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