Cities in Spain: Granada

Magnificent Granada (Granada) is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the eastern part of Andalusia. Known as Iberra more from 500 g. to N. NS., In the Middle Ages, it was the center of the last and most long-existed Muslim state of Spain. This is one of the most beautiful cities of the country, even the Spaniards themselves say that if you can visit only one city in the country, then it should be exactly Granada.

Sights of Granada

In the oldest quarter Albasin, The heart of the Moorish city was the first fortress, there was also the last refuge of the Moors, when Christians took the city by storm. Now this is a charming quarter, full of narrow streets and small areas, a great place for hiking and studying history. Here you can see firmly Cathedral of Granada (1521-1714.) with Chapel Capilla Real – The burial site of Fernando II and Isabella (Ferdinand Aragon and Isabel Castilskaya – Christian conquerors of Granada, who posted the beginning of Spain’s union). V Chapel of Capilla Real The royal regalia is exhibited, and a lot of works are stored in the sacristy of the Queen Isabella’s personal assembly, including the pictures of Flemish, Spanish and Italian artists of the XV century. To the east of the royal chapel there are multi-tiered Gardens Portal And wonderful Lady Tower.

  • Panorama Granada
  • Medieval Bridge in Granada
  • Snow white houses Granada
  • Albacin Quarter in Granada

Also deserve attention Torre de la Vela Tower, Archaeological Museum in Palace Casa del Castry, Moorish Terms Banos Arabes al-Andalus and several beautiful churches, including Church of Santa Ana, San Juan de Dios Cathedral, Nearby elegant Renaissance Monastery of Convento de San Heronimo and exciting La Cartuha Monastery in the northern ease of city.

A business card of the city is the famous Alhambra fortress (Al-Kal’a al-Humbra – "Red Fortress") – the only fully preserved monument of artistic arts Maurons in Granada. Located on a steep ridge rummaged over a wooded hill, it was built as a residence of the Moorish rulers in the XI century and is the top of Moorish art and culture. Amazing finish is famous Palace Nasaries (Royal Palace, or Nasrid Palace, XI-XIII centuries.) and seral with Garem, And building Torar Torres-Bermehas Scientists refer to the XII century. NS. The center of the palace life in Alhambre was Dvorik Lviv (28 by 15 meters) with a fountain in the center, which rests on the backs of 12 small lions from gray marble, and Dvorik Mirt – Outdoor area (110 to 78 meters) with a narrow pool, surrounded by shrub and pool. In each end of the courtyard there are niches with decorated crops, and its northern tip is located Hall of Ambassador – Reception of Moorish rulers. All this magnificence completes the dome of cedar wood. North of the beautiful hall of the ambassadors lies Hall of two sisters With the most elegant in Alhambra, the arrow in the form of bee cells – argue that it consists of 5 thousand cells.

Also interesting old fortress Puerta De La Justice Gate (1340 g.), Monastery Parador de San Francisco (the place of the initial burial of Queen Isabella), as well as the grand Palace Carlos V (1526 g., construction was never completed) with his Museum Alhambra and Museum of elegant arts. Near the Alhambra, towering and over it, and above the city, is the old summer Palace Sultanov With many pools and fountains – Henerelife (1250 g.).

In 1994, the Albacing Quarter and the Alhambra Fortress were listed with UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cities of Spain Granada
  • In the center of Granada
  • Alhambra fortress in Granada
  • Cozy Moorish Quarter in Granada
  • Medieval quarters of Granada

Near Sacromonte You can visit the so-called "Cueavos" (caves) in which Tsygan lived, and now the surrounding quarters are famous for their stormy nightlife. From the top of the hill Sacromonte opens a majestic view of the old part of the Granada and the adjacent valley.

Around Granada

In town Fuente Vakeros, Where Federico Garcia Lorca was born, the Writer Museum is now open (WWW.Museogarcialorca.ORG) and Werhta de San Vincent – the old farm, where Lorca wrote several of his famous works.

South of the city begins land National Park Sierra Nevada, where, besides the majestic landscapes and beautiful nature, you can find a lot of foot and horse robes and even Solinyev ski resort (Pradoliano).

Still south, in the big valley Alpuharras, around the town Langharone, You can find dozens of thermal resorts, and the healing water from local sources can be found in any store or pharmacy of Spain.

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Cities of Spain Granada

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