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Cuenca City (Cuenca) is the administrative center of the province of the same name – one of the largest in Spain (Area 17 061 kV. km, which is comparable to the territories of such states as Slovenia or Montenegro). Ancient city (founded in XI in. Moors), located on the rocky ledge over the Guchar River Valley, between the rivers of the Khukur and Wirkar, is considered one of the most beautiful in the country, and his old part with astounding "hanging" houses "Casas-Kolghadas" (Casas Colgadas) entered the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The historic part of the city (Ciudad Antigua) is small and focused around the Gothic Cathedral of Cuenki (Basilica de Nuera Senora de Grassia, XII-XV centuries.) in which there is a small Art Museum of Tesoro-Cedralicio. Here you can see the old Mangan Watch Tower (the only site of the Arab Fort of Cuenks), located in the complex of the Women’s Monastery of the Museum of Science with interactive expositions, the Museum of Diosoano with a large collection of religious works of art, surrounded by cafe and ceramics shops Baroque Town Hall (XVIII in.), Gothic Church of San Miguel and Numerous "Casas-Kolghadas" The XIV century with wooden balconies – in one of them there is a museum of abstract art, in another – a historical museum, and the rest are given under restaurants and cafes. If you cross the Khukuk River on one of the numerous bridges, you can climb to the top of the nearby mountain, topped with the old castle.

The fourteental tartal tourist trail of the root-tourism, passing around the Cuenny gorge, is complex for moving on foot, so it is usually recommended to use a car or bike. However, the difficulties of the path are compensated by such famous objects as a beautiful limestone array of Ciudad Encantada (20 kV. km of picturesque rocks and karst caves) covered with moss cliffs from which the waterfalls of the origins of the Kuurvo rivers and Tahoe, as well as the picturesque slopes of the mountain range Serrania de Cuenca (838 m). In the vicinity of the city you can visit Belmonte Castle (XIV-XV BB.) near the village of the same name, Roman ruins of the II century BC. NS. v Segresis, Attractive town El Toboso (TOBOSO) – "Motherland" Dulcinei Tobosskaya from the famous Roman Survantes (even a small museum in honor of this literary heroine is open here, a medieval fortified Del Ukil Monastery (XII in.) near the village of the same name, as well as the elegant castle of Alarcon (XIII-XI centuries.), turned into the smallest, but also the most stylish parador of the country.

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Located on the rock between the rivers of the Khukur and Wirk, Cuenca was a great place for the fortress. The first fortifications here built by the Romans, having come to replace the Celts living here. Read more →

sveta scorpic | Summer 2015

Cities of Spain Cuenca

Pictures from Spain. Pre-register Cuenca

From the sensations of the predestous city breaths. Instead of daylight +14 in the morning in Cuenke turned out to be -2 and chilling wind met me. For the entire walk, one and a half of a person read more →

Postica | December 2012

Cuenca, Castile La Mancha

In the few Internet descriptions and historical references, Cuenca – a city with a population of about 50 thousand. A person who occupies a strategically advantageous position and having a long history in which the Arabs and Christians and Jews managed to actively participate. In reality, the fact that the city lives and feels – and now you already feel his breath, emanating from stone landscapes in a constant haze, or from houses that hang over the abyss. Read more →

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