Cities in Spain: Ciudad Real

Small town Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real – "Royal City") is the historical capital of La Manci and the center of the province of the same name as part of Kampo-de Calatrava Mosquito. The city was founded by the king of Alfonso X Wise in the XIII century as a military outpost in the confrontation of the Catholic kings and the Castilian Cytherian Order of Calatrava. Accordingly, this city was rebuilt, with the recent achievements of the fortification art of that time – it was defended by 4 km of thick walls and 130 (!) Fortress towers. Unfortunately, only two sections of old fortress structures reached our days, but a lot of other interesting objects have been preserved.

Museum of Don Quixote are deserved next to the de Gassa Park, Gothic Church of Santiago (XIII in., The oldest structure of the city), Puerta de Toledo fortuet (XIV in.), Santa Maria del Proda Cathedral (XIII-XIX centuries.), Church of Iglesia-Parocoual de San Pedro (XIV-XV BB.), Art Museum of Eliza Senrieros, the picturesque area of ​​Plaza Major with a monument to the founder of the city and the old mansion of Casa de Hernan-Lopez del Pulgar (XV in.), Provincial museum (the entrance door of the meeting moved here with the old XI synagogue in.), Palace Medrano (now there is a conservatory here) and the Diocesan Museum.

Cities of Spain Ciudad Real

In the vicinity of the city you can visit two national parks – Cabanieros and Las Tablas de Daimiel, as well as town Almagro With its open theater (has the status of the national monument) and the theater museum, the medieval fortress Alarkos, towns toAmpo de Calatrava and Campo de Mountiel With their picturesque old quarters, palaces and castle, Natural reserve Lagunas de Ruider.It is also worth passing around the tourist route "Dear Don Quixote", walking in places where the knight of the sad image was once struck, and see the famous windmills of La Mancia, recently intensively recoverable (three out of ten preserved.In the Campo de Cryptana, the mills of the XV-XVI centuries are again shown in action).

Cities of Spain Ciudad Real

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