Spain Cities: Cadiz

The most ancient city in Spain Cadiz (Cádiz) is located on a narrow rocky peninsula, far outstanding in the water of the Atlantic Ocean. The average annual temperature in summer + 23 ° C, in winter – to + 14 ° C.

Beaches Cadiz

The largest natural beach in Cadis Cortadura-Torregorda is a chain of small dunes. It is important to take into account that not all sections of the coast are well equipped. The length of the beach is about 4 km, width – 60 m.

  • Landscapes around Cadiz
  • Panorama of Cadiz
  • Cathedral in Cadis
  • Snow white houses Cadiz

Stretching three kilometers beach La Victoria – the most popular in Cadis. On the coast there are platforms for volleyball and football, round-the-clock bars and restaurants, as well as children’s zones and water slides. Starting from 1987, La Victoria annually gets a prestigious award "Blue flag". In addition, the beach is considered the most equipped and most comfortable for relaxing on the south coast of Europe. Beach width – 200 m.

Beach Santa María Del Mar equipped with shower and changing cabins; Rent of umbrellas and chaise lounges. Its length is 850 m, width – 35 m.

Sand beach La Caleta Located in the northern part of the Old Town; From the coast, the best at sunset are open from Cadis. The old fortress forts are concentrated around, some of which are open to visiting. Beach Length – 450 m.

Hotels in Cadis

In the high season – from May to October – accommodation in Cadiz must be booked in advance. The resort hotels are predominantly focused along the southern coast, close to La Victoria Beach. Apartment rental is possible, as a rule, for any time.

Cities of Spain Cadiz

Attractions Cadiz

Cadiz is classic Andalusia, with snow-white houses and tropical vegetation; Resort full of Spanish southern charm. Old town is located on a long spider serving at sea by 9 kilometers, and visually separated from the rest of the city Gate of land (Puerta de la Tierra). In Cadis, it is necessary to visit the baroque Church Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, Climb the dome Cathedral, which was built over a hundred years and was completed at the beginning of the XIX century, as well as ride in an equestrian carriage on the old winding urban streets.

  • Port of the city of Cadiz
  • Roman Theater in Cadis
  • In the old town of Cadiz
  • San Sebastian Fortress on the Atlantic Coast

How to get to Cadiz

The nearest airports to Cadis are located in Malaga, Seville and Jerez de la Frontera (Jerez de La Frontera. You can get to them by taxi and regular buses. Time in the way to Seville and Jerez de la Frontera – about an hour, to Malaga – two hours.

Getting from Cadiz to Madrid is possible on Talgo trains, which run twice an hour, travel time – five hours..

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