Cities in Spain: Aviles

Just 23 km west from Gijon is a major port city of Aviles – until recently, one of the most polluted cities in Europe. However, the city authorities put tremendous efforts, and now see the famous arcades and medieval churches of the old city can be completely safe. A few years ago, they deliberately built a colorful and very interesting Museum and Cultural Center, The design of which was ordered to architect Oscar Nimeiver.

The nearby coast of Pretty Gorosso, and therefore is not very popular in dangerous tourists. Near Aviles are popular among Arnao Surfers (Arnao) and Kago (XAGO). Arnao hides from immodest eyes between high cliffs, you can go down on two side stairs or central ramp. From a stone terrace over the beach overlooking the surroundings. Sand-pebble Kago Surrounded by rocks and sand dunes, there is a rescue service on the beach.

Cities of Spain Aviles

South city spread almost endless beach Salinas (Salinas) – a traditional recreation area of ​​both Spaniards and foreign tourists. Life here does not quiet to deep autumn, because the fans of the sun and the sea in October are replacing tireless fishermen.

The north of the city lies with a wide and smooth 380-meter beach Aguilera (Aguilera), almost completely occupied by nudist. This is the widest local beach, even during the tide, its width reaches 65 meters, so on Agiel there is always a chance to find a free and fairly remote from other vacationers.

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