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The capital of the province of the same name and the second value of the city of the Valencia Community, Alicante (Alicante, Alacant) lies 120 km south of Valencia. The city was founded by the Greeks more than 2500 years ago under the name Acre-Leuca ("White Hill"), Romans renamed it to Lutnutum ("City of Light"), and Mauri – Al-Lucant. Long sandy shores, pleasant climate, newly renovated old town and noisy nightlife turned it into one of the major coast of the Costa Blanca coast, connecting the Northern (Costa del Norte) and the Southern (Costa del Court) regions of this extended resort District.

  • View of the old city from the fortress of Santa Barbara
  • Embankment in Alicante
  • Cities of Spain Alicante
  • Panorama Alicante

The main decoration of the city is the impressive Arabic Santa Barbara Fortress (III B. to N. NS. – XVI B. N. NS.), located on the bare rocky hill Benacantil (166 m) right above the urban beach. The castle can be climbed on a 205-meter elevator, which begins at the end of Calhe-Juan-Bautista-Lafora street, at the intersection with Avenida de Hovelloano. Around the park De la eret, and those included in the complex Omanic tower, bastion El Baluart de Los Ingleses and chapel La Kapilla de Santa Barbara meet on thousands of photos of this picturesque place. On the opposite side of the city there is another castle – Castillo de San Fernando (XIX B.) and lying at his foot the municipal park.

  • View of the fortress and hill Benacantille
  • Fortress Wall, Santa Barbara
  • Tower in Castillo de San Fernando

Between these two fortresses and lies the old part of the Alicante, in which most of the historical monuments of the city are concentrated – the Gothic Church Iglesia de Santa Maria (XV-XVI centuries.), Museum of Art XX Century on Plaza Plaza de Santa Maria, Ayuntamatento (municipality, XVIII in.), the cathedral La Cedral San Nicholas de Bari (1662 g.), Moorish part of the old city – district El Barrio de Santa Cruz, Archaeological Museum MARQ In the building of the Palace Palace de la Deputy, the main and most picturesque street of the city – La Rambla de Mendez-Nunse, Primorsky Boulevard Passeo Maritimo With wonderful palm avenue and many shops and restaurants. The monastery is 5 km from the city Santa Veronika de Santa Fas (1766 G.) with the fortress tower (XVI in.) – The main point of the May pilgrimage of Santa Fas.

  • Church of Iglesia de Santa Maria
  • City Beach Alicante
  • City Hall Building

Beaches of the city РPlaya del Set, Playa-Arenalez and San Juan de Alicante Рalmost always filled with rest. However, you can go to the island Tabarka (marine reserve), relax on the rocky coast of Esplanada de Espanya, visit the exotic palm tree in Elche (20 km south-west of the city), see carefully restored old quarters and medieval churches of the city of Oriuela, as well as the impressive Ancient Theater Theater of the Teatro-Sirko (50 km south-west of Alicante). And, of course, relax on the excellent shores of the main tourist center of Valencia РCosta Blanca. Shore from the city Gandia before Altea And Benidorm is almost completely built up with resort complexes and private residences with all imaginable living conditions by the sea. Torrevieja, D̩nia, Havea, Benidorm, Moraira, Calpe, Santa Paul, Guardmar de Segura and Campoamor Рall of them have been serviced by the symbols of careless holidays by the sea and various entertainment.

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