Cities of South Korea: Busan

Busan – Chief Sea Port of Korea and the second largest city.

Among the most interesting places in the city of Ohdusan, UN Memorial Cemetery, shopping and entertainment areas Kwanbok Don and Nammimo-Don, as well as the huge fish market Chagalchchi and Thazhonda Park.

In the vicinity of the city is interesting Beach Huenda and Hot Springs Tonhae, Kymgan Park, as well as temples of Pomas and Thondos.

Reviews and studies of trips

Busan – the most picturesque city of Korea

At the airport of Busan, gorgeous bins in the form of suitcases. Metro from the airport goes without a driver, you can take pictures forward. Stations are very futuristic. Read more →

Juan | Autumn 2015

Cities of South Korea Busan

Korean ex-Favel

On the hills of Busan there are many poor areas that were originally built by refugees from the northern part of the country. Single Korean Favels. Now they were in order. Read more →

Juan | Autumn 2015

Bouffle colors, anime and comics

I decided to put a photo from the past in Busan "Comic World №93". So ahead of you is waiting for a sea of ​​bright and multicolored costumes of heroes from anime and comics. Read more →

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