South Africa: Pretoria (TSSvan)

One of the countries of the country and the administrative center of Transval – TSSvan Province (Pretoria), lies 60 km north of Johannesburg.

The city center is interesting here – Kerckplates Square with Old Town Hall (1899.), Cathedral Square with the buildings of the Old Radesaal and the Palace of Justice (1898.), Park Braintirion, in which the official residence of President South Africa is located, the State Theater, the Kruger Museum (dedicated to the first president of Transvaal Paulus Crupe and the History of the Anglo-Board War), the house of Melrose, one of the world’s largest administrative buildings in the world – "UNION-BILDINGS" (1910 G.), Monument to the First Sellers (1949.), Fort Clappercope (Now there is a military museum), the building of the South African Reserve Bank (the highest construction of the city), the National Zoo of South Africa, Observatory "Radcliffe", Institute of Africa, South African Academy of Sciences and Arts, Municipal Art Gallery, Museum of Natural Sciences and Industry, Museum of History of National Culture, Museum of Police, Museum of the Court of St. Petersburg, Museum of the Natural History of Transvaal, Piernif Museum, Museum of the Mark, not far from TSSvan and the cultural village of Neddeel, in the vicinity of which are located, besides, beautiful vineyards.

Cities of South Africa Pretoria (TSSvan)

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Johannesburg – the city is about one day maximum. Transit point for all trips in South Africa and neighboring countries. Cape Town – Day for the city, day for a kind of good hope, Cape Point, 2 more days on the road of the gardens. We decided to visit Zimbabwe, see Waterfall Victoria, Park "Chobe" in Botswana, Park "Kruger" in South Africa and Zambia. At the end – rest in local Sochi – Durban. Read more →

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