Slovenia: Piran

Small resort town Piran is located 7 kilometers from the border with Croatia and 23 kilometers from the Italian border. The Best Fish Restaurants Slovenia are located in Piran.


Piran coast is suitable for a comfortable bathing; The exception is a small sector of the coastline, which occupies a marina for yachts. Urban Pirane Beach – Stony, Sea Pretty Deep, But Very Pure.


All hotels in Pirane – Urban. Accommodation is possible in three- and four-star hotels, as well as in guesthouses and apartments.


For inspection of the historic part of the pirane, there will be enough pair of hours. During this time, you can have time to see the lighthouse, the Cathedral of St. George (XIV in.), patron saint, look at the city from the observation deck, located on a defensive wall, as well as stroll through the cobbled medieval streets and see the classic samples of Venetian architecture.

Among the narrow streets of the old city, the fortress gate will come out (XIII in.), Tartini Square, Church of St. Peter (1818 g.), Town Hall and Gate Dolfin (XV in.), Palace of Justice (XIX in.), Church of St. Francis (XVIII-XIX centuries.), Church of Our Lady Snezhny (1404 g.), Church of the Virgin, Bell Tower (1608 g.), Church of St. Stephen (XIV in.), small aquarium, marine museum and art gallery Minorum.

How to get

Regular bus service connects Piran with love and coastal cities of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Nearest cities – Coper, Portorož and Isola – are connected with the resort railway. From the marine station, Piramen runs ferries to Venice and other coastal cities; Time on the way to Venice – about three hours.

Cities of Slovenia Piran

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Cities of Slovenia Piran

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