Cities of Slovenia: Maribor

Maribor is one of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia, the economic and cultural center of the northeastern part of the country.

Here the area of ​​freedom with the largest wine bedrooms in the Balkans located under it are most interesting (Square – 20 thousand. kv. M.), Old castle (1478 g., Now it is located a local history museum), Slovenian People’s Theater (1852 g.), Church of John the Baptist (XII-XVIII centuries.), the building of the former city hall (1515 g.), Church of St. Louis, vessel tower (1310 g.), Jewish Tower and Synagogue (1456 g.), Water tower with a wineglass "Winag", Art Gallery Maribor, Museum of Photography, Beautiful City Park with aquarium and Terrarium, as well as a beautiful ski resort in Maribor Poorbrid.

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Cities of Slovenia Maribor

Maribor, Fairy Tale City in Slovenia

We were not sure that we want to maribor. We decided to call, and there it is already decided on the circumstances – to park or look at the city from the car window and keep the way further. Read more →

Slovenia: Travel Recommendations

Slovenia is so small as, settling in Ljubljana, which is at the junction of several tracks, it is convenient to inspect all the day, every day leaving in different directions. Read more →

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