Cities of Slovenia: Ljubljana

Ljubljana, built on the ruins of the Roman Emon Fortress, has a long and rich history.

The center of the city is considered to be located on a high hill Llagla region and the Ljubljan Cathedral, the former residence of local feudal. Old area located near the Church of St. Jacob, surrounded by medieval buildings – the palace of Schweiggers, the column of Our Lady (XII in.) and etc. Noteworthy Hill the old part of the city with narrow streets, a variety of small bars, cafes and shops, as well as with famous "Three bridges", One of which leads to the town hall (1718 g.) with fountain "Narcissus" (1751 g.) Baroque style and two open dorms.

One of the most beautiful areas of the city – Presenov TRG (1905 g.), around which the Church of the Annunciation is focused (1646-1660.) With a unique library, Mikloshevich Street ensemble, the only pattern of park art in the country – Mikloshich Park, as well as the Majestic Cathedral of St. Nikolai (XVIII in.). Interesting Episcopal Palace, church seminary with frescoes of Julio Kalio (1721 g.), Church of St. Jacob (1615 g.) with an eight-marched chapel. Francis (1660 g.), Church of St. Kirill and Methodius, Lontzh Palace on New Square (Today is the Academy of Sciences and Arts), the building of the National and University Library, the former Monastery of the XIII in., And now the theater in the open sky – "Krizhanka", The place of birth of independent Slovenia – the Congress Square with the Filharmonic Building, the parish church of St. Trinity (1726 g.), as well as Tsankarev House, Palace of Congresses and an extensive cultural center in the Republic Square.

In the western part of the city there is a picturesque Park Tivoli with a castle and art gallery, and on the eastern bank of the river – a city museum, which has a large collection of ancient Roman art. The State Museum, Museum of Natural History, State Gallery, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Municipal Gallery and Modern Art Gallery, Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, Architectural Museums Castle Founding and Houses, Slovenian Technical Museum, Archeology Museum in Yakopic Park, Beer Museum, Tobacco Museum, Slovenian School Museum, State Theater Opera and Ballet, State Drama Theater Slovenia and DR.

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Ljubljana. Slovenia – in the city

The Llagla region is visible from the Congress Square. On this area there are frequent events and a scene is installed. On this day there was some kind of concert. Read more →

Cities of Slovenia Ljubljana

Tht55 | Autumn 2015

Ljubljana. Walk in the city. Centre

The old town is mostly pedestrian and has a bunch of shops and restaurants, divided by the river Ljubljana and a large number of bridges. Many old beautiful houses and everything else. Read more →

Tht55 | Autumn 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Walk around the evening city

My area is quite calm and there are no many restaurants here and the pedestrian zone ends. Neighboring street has a funny name – Krenova Street. Read more →

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