Cities of Slovenia: Isola

The second largest resort on the Adriatic coast in Slovenia isola is a small fishing village located between the resorts of Coper and Piran, as well as the Water Sport Center in the country, where every summer, musical, gastronomic and sports festivals are held every summer.


All beaches in isole pebbled. On the central city beach in the midst of the summer season – July and August – is quite crowded. The beach is available for renting sun beds and umbrellas; Installed water slides for kids, as well as children’s and sports grounds.

On the beaches of Simonov Bay, as well as on the wild beach, located at the foot of the Belvedere hill, a little spacious, but these sections of the coast are not so well equipped – and are suitable for those who are looking for privacy and relaxing.


Accommodation in the resort is possible in hotels, as well as on two- and three-story villas, some of which stretched along the coast, and the part is located on the top of the mountain. You can rent villas in full or partially – number or whole floor.


A small vintage fishing settlement of isola with narrow streets has a special charm. On the central square of the resort surrounded by medieval houses, cozy cafes and fish restaurants are located. In the historic part of Isola, the building of the XV century Palace, the Church of St. Mauro, built in the XVI century, as well as the unique Besengi Delji UGI (Besengi Delji UGI) – the best sample of pompous baroque on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia.


Cities of Slovenia Isola

Isol is popular among windsurfing lovers; On the coast, rental equipment is available, and it is also possible to train water sports. Fishing lovers will also be able to rent a boat and the necessary equipment.

How to get

Regular bus service connects Isola with love and coastal cities in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Nearest cities – Coper, Portoro┼ż and Piran – are associated with the resort railway. From the Marine Station, the isola runs ferries to Venice and other coastal cities; Time on the way to Venice – about two hours.

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Cities of Slovenia Isola

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