Cities of Slovenia: Coper

Located at the Italian border resort Koper – the largest city of the Adriatic coast of Slovenia and the seaport. Other coastal resorts of the country – Portorož, Piran and Isola – stretched to the south of the Coke.


In Koper, there is a city pebble beach, as well as a small concrete beach, quite well comfortable; Descent to the sea is carried out on the stairs. The depth on the concrete beach begins immediately – and therefore the coast is not suitable for recreation with children.

It should be borne in mind that Koper is the largest port in Slovenia, and the beaches are surrounded by yacht parking, which affects water quality. Disadvantages, however, are fully compensated by excellent service.


Acceo accommodation is possible in hotels, hostels, apartments and motels, as well as in private level pensions 2 * or 3 *. Renting hotel rooms should be in advance; In the summer season, the resort is very popular.


The historic center of Kopa was full of charm due to narrow streets and medieval houses built in Italian style. A large number of monuments of architecture of the Venetian Republic are concentrated in the city, in particular – the famous Pretorian Palace.

Here you should watch the magnificent area of ​​TIT TRG, the building of the loggia (1464 g., Now there are cafes and art gallery), Cathedral of St. Mary (XV in.), Church of St. Nikolai (XVI in.), Rotunda John the Baptist (Carmin, 1317 g.), Church of St. Basso (XVI in.), Arsenals Forester and Ameria, Antique Stranko Fontico (XIV in.), urban gate mois (1516 g.), Palace of Gravisi Barababyanka, Palace Belgrongs-Takko (1600 g.) with a wonderful regional museum, Tutto Palace (XVIII in.), Brurtty Palace and the oldest city building – Rotunda Ascension (1082 g.).


Cities of Slovenia Coper

In Koper, there is a water entertainment center with a huge number of closed and outdoor pools; In particular, in the water park there are pools with an artificial wave, with underwater massage, with water slides and jacuzzi. For kids, children’s pools are provided with toys and swimming instructors.

In the summer season in Koper, musical and folklore festivals are held.

How to get

A regular bus service connects Koper with love and coastal cities of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Nearest cities – Portorož, Piran and Isola – are connected with the resort railway. From the maritime station Kopa was run by ferries to Venice and other coastal cities; Time on the way to Venice – about two hours.

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The historic center is small and no pompous. But cozy, dringed and not even especially tourist, no shops under each house, the local population lives in the area. Read more →

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