Cities of Slovenia: Bohin

Bohin is located in the area of ​​the largest in Slovenia (area 328 hectares, length 4 km.) The lake of the same name, approximately 5 km from the shore.

The small village of Bhinhin is a favorite destination of Europeans, and therefore in the summer on the coast is quite crowded. This is a classic alpine village with blooming parisades and green hedges.

Ski rest

The ski region of Bhunija unites several ski centers, the most significant of which did, Kobra and Sarishka Planina. Bohin himself lies at an altitude of 525 m. Over the sea level, the riding zone extends at altitudes from 570 to 1800 m. and serviced in three dozens of lifts.

On plateau Vogel (1569 – 1800 m.), famous "Long snow" (Sustainable snow cover from mid-December to the end of April), 8 lifts work and cable car. There are 17 tracks with a total length of 36 km. at a maximum length of 7.5 km. and height difference in 1200 m. There is a highlighted track for evening riding and 15 km. Running Ski Trails.

Ski Center Kobla located 12 km. From Bhukhin at an altitude of 550 – 1480 m. 6 lifts work here, and the total length of the tracks reaches 23 km. (not counting free-ride) at a maximum length of 2.5 km. and height difference 750 m. Equipment for artificial snow, equible ski slopes 6 km long. And riddle.

Ski Center Sorishka Planina located 15 km. from Bhukhin at altitudes 1280 – 1549 m. Eight kilometers of his tracks serve 3 bugel lifts, there is also a route for the equible skiing length of 3 km.


There are only a few hotels, motels and private guest houses in Bhukhin, accommodation in apartments located at some distance from the coast.

How to get

Cities of Slovenia Bohin

Ljubljana Airport is an hour’s drive from the resort. Bus and railway communication connects Bhinhin with the center of Ljubljana.

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Cities of Slovenia Bohin

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