Cities of Slovakia: Strbsk-Pleso

This is a popular venue for winter sports competitions, the best high-mountain resort in high tatras, located in a picturesque location on the shore of the same name Mountain Lake. Approximately 120 days a year, he works as a ski center, and year-round – as a healing resort.

Approximately one and a half kilometers from the resort center there is a well-equipped modern ski station, which includes two jumps for jumping (70 and 90 m), "start" and "the finish" Ski racing on 5, 10, 15, 30 and 50 km, as well as two stadiums with ribunes for viewers. Near the station at altitudes from 1400 to 1840 m, well-prepared ski slopes for beginners and professionals are laid, which serve two chairlings, three buckers and one children’s lift. If necessary, the track is processed by snow guns, there is a lighted track for evening riding.

The main ski slopes are located on the southern sunny slope of the top-Solisco. Very popular slalomous descent "INTERSK", Where is the ski school for children, with its own children’s ski lift. Also on the descent there are excellent conditions for cross-country skiing, biathlon, jumping from springboard and mountaineering.

Transfer from the airport to Strebsk Pleso takes 30 minutes.

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Cities of Slovakia Shtrbsk-Pleso

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Strbske Pleso – Lake in the mountains at an altitude of 1350m. This is a very popular place of recreation and tourism. From the lake lead paths in the mountains with a variety of summer routes read more →

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Cities of Slovakia Shtrbsk-Pleso

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