Cities of Slovakia: Kosice

The central and eastern parts of the country are an intersection of ancient trade routes and an excellent place to outdoor. The capital of Eastern Slovakia is the city of Kosice – the second largest city in Slovakia.

Prints of the rich history of the city are visible here practically every step. Behind the walls "Old Town" There are many unique historical monuments – one of the most beautiful gothic temples of the world – St. Cathedral. Elizabeth (1345-1508.) with the Tomb of Ferenz Rakcyties, City Theater (1899.) with a musical fountain in front of the entrance, the old town hall building (1780 g.), "House of Cositskogo Program" (here in 1945. The program of the Popular Front was proclaimed, now here is the art gallery), the Tower of Urbana (XVI in., Now there is a museum of metal jewelry), Church of St. Mikhail (XIV in.), Plague column (1723 g.), colorful street main, old prison "Miklusov is important" (XVI B.), the big old three-storey building of the hotel Europe and T.D.

Interesting Slovak Technical Museum, Museum of Eastern Slovakia (1912 g.) with a cozy park for the building of the museum and the old wooden church, the Zoological Museum in the Bastion Bastion, the State Theater, as well as the Hungarian Theater "Waist" and state philharmonic.

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Slovakia has not been particularly impressed after all previous countries. I was tired, the weather was completely spoiled, the time was also pressed, although the road from Budapest to Kosice amounted to 271 km. Read more →

gessor | summer 2013

Cities of Slovakia Kosice

Slovakia. Kosice

After Bratislava, the capital, Kosice – the second largest city of Slovakia. In the current 2013 – the cultural capital of Europe. Large knot – Roads are walking around the city around and blooming rays. Read more →

Haydamak | summer 2013

Slovakia. Kosice

Old historical part of Kosice is almost in his center. Home Street Wears Title Home. Previously, trams went along the main street, now she is completely pedestrian. Read more →

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