Cities of Slovakia: Bratislava

Bratislava is one of the most interesting cities in Eastern Europe in the historical terms. Located in the picturesque spurs of Carpath, near the border with Austria, it was founded in 907 g. And known as the city already from 1291 g., and from 1541 g. was even the capital of Hungary.

Attractions Bratislava

The city is quite small in size, so all the main attractions are compact and you can even walk around. The most interesting is the old Raddy (Old Town Hall, XIII in.), Palace of Primas (1778-1781.) with the famous mirror hall and fountain. George, place of coronation of many Hungarian monarchs – St. Cathedral. Martin (XV-XV BB.), Reduta Palace (1914 g., Now there is a Bratislava concert hall here, Palace Grassalkovich (1760 .), Main Area ("The main prince of") with Roland Fountain (1572 g.), Franciscan Church (1297 g.) opposite the Palace Mirbach (1770 g.), Church of St. Trinity (1725 g.), the former building of the Hungarian Parliament – the Royal Chambers (1756.), Bratislava Royal Castle (Bratislavsky Grad, IX-XIX centuries.), Presidential Palace (XVII in.), Segner mansion (XVII in.), the colorful streets of the Zamost, Zizhkova, Kapitulsk, Clarisk, Laurinsk and Panca, the building of the Slovak National Theater (1886.), Garden of Yanka Kralya and T. D.

Attractive Museums of the capital – Slovak National Gallery, Municipal Museum in the building of the Old Town Hall, Pharmaceutical Museum, Museum of People’s Music, Music Museum of Hummel in the House of this composer, Museum of Wine, Mikhail Tower with a collection of ancient weapons, Museum of Decorative Art, Archaeological Museum, Historical Museum, Museum of non-European Cultures, Museum of Jewish Culture, Museum of Culture of the Carpathian Germans, Bratislava City Museum, Zoo, and DR. Well, and, of course, in the city a variety of restaurants and cafes, cellar and bars, as well as wine ("Vinaren"), beer ("Pivaren") and coffee ("Kaviagen") establishments for every taste, as well as discos, cinemas and musical sites.

Neighborhood of Bratislava

In the vicinity of the capital attractive an extensive castle complex Devin (10 km west of the capital), which is a national monument of nature and culture, as well as antique Gerulata in Rusovtsy, Lake Resort Chisty Piece (7 km north-east of Bratislava), famous winemaking Malokarpat region east of the capital – Weinora, Rachi (included in the capital), Franchis, Saint Jura, Slovenian coffin, Pesinkes, Modra and others forming the famous "Wine road".

50 km east of the capital lies the old Slavic fortified settlement Nitra, famous for their castle, Franciscan Church and Monastery, as well as the Palace (XVIII in.), Colonnade (XVIII in.) and the extensive abbey library in "Old seminary" (XVIII B.).

50 km north-east of Bratislava lies the famous Trnava, "Slovak Rome" As they are often called because of the Truck Archbishopian, university buildings located here (XVII-XVIII centuries.) and picturesque "Old Town".

Reviews and studies of trips

Cities of Slovakia Bratislava

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