Serbia City: Novi Garden

Capital Vervodina Novi Garden (WWW.novisadtourism.COM) Interesting Fortress Petrovaradin (1699-1780., Now there are a hotel, a restaurant and two museums) and museums of revolution, painting and archeology. Also deserve attention to the Church of the Great Martyr of St. George (Diereya, 1848-1849.), Assumption Church (1776 g), Nikolaev Church (1730 g), Calvinist Church (1808-1863.) on Safarikova Street, Slovak Evangelical Church (1886 g) at the crossroads of Masarikov and Jovana-Subotica, Catholic Church of St. Roca (1801 g), Wardown (Petropavlovskaya) Church in the complex of the Military Hospital Petrovradin (1922), Franciscan Monastery. Ivan Kapishna (1938-1942.), Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary (1893-1895.) with a tower of 76 m high, Almaska ​​Church (Cathedral of three bishops, end of XVIII c), synagogue (1909 g), Methodist church (1911 g), Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul (1780-1820.), Catholic Church of St. Elizabeth (1930 g), Church of St. Yuri (1701-1714.) and the temple of St. Antuna (1938 g) from the Belgrade gates of the fortress Petrovradin.

The rich cultural heritage of the city retain numerous museums, among which the most interesting museum of Voivodina and the ethnic complex of Brvnar, the city museum of the Novi-Garden in the fortress and its collection of foreign arts, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Voivodina on Boulevard M. Pupina, Theater Museum Voevodina on the street of King Alexander, Museum of Contemporary Art, Serbian Institute of Nature Protection on Radichkaya Street, Cultural Museum of Zhivanovichy and Agricultural Museum in Cultuous.

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Cities of Serbia Novi Garden

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Cities of Serbia Novi Garden

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