Sabi City: Bottom

Bottom – the administrative center of the Sab is located in the southwestern part of the island, in a hilly area formed by the slanders of the ancient side crater Mount Scenario. The quiet and charming town, Bottom differs from other settlements of the island except that the presence of administrative offices and quite modern expensive coming from here in Fort Bay. Otherwise, this is the same green and patriarchal town, although the vegetation here is clearly somewhat meager than on the east coast. From the colonial past in Bottime, several cumen bridges are preserved in Bottoma, the picturesque mansion of the governor in the western part of the city (closed to the public) and the Anglican Church. The rest of the facilities of the city are clearly young, but are made with a special simple grace, such a characteristic culture of Sab.

The center of Bottom is the Maine Square Square, in the middle of the grass, the bust of Samuel Charles – the policeman killed in a skirmish with drug dealers in 1989 (this incident literally shook the island, and the guardian of the order was buried with the honors to be buried in a number of the city’s best people). Around the area stretches a number of neat buildings of the fire service, separation of the police and court, among which they can easily walk the grazing goats or playing impeccably dressed kids (about the attitude of the residents of Suba to clothing the conversation is special, but local students even stand out here).

Cities of Saba Bottom

At the base of the hill, at the outskirts, the medical school of the University of Sabi is located (representatives of almost all countries of both Americas and the Caribbean region are learn here, and even just below – the local public work department in the white-stone building of the old school, literally clamped between high cacti (characteristic, What these plants bloom only at night, the emitting fantastic fragrance, which is sometimes literally satisfied the whole city) and the oldest Anglican Church on the island (the date of its construction is estimated in the middle of the XVIII century). And between them are quiet and tidy streets with old stone walls and white frequencies.

To the west of Bottoma, the road goes to the only beach of Sabs in the Uells Bay Bay with good conditions for snorkeling (all equipment will have to bring with you). And the south of the city road passes through the dry landscape with numerous cacti, leaving the sea in the Fort Bay Bay, where the only port is the island and the best plot for dives. The town of the same name is located numerous stores (including specialized trading points for divers and decompression chamber), Office of the Marine Park Sab, Power Station, Decorative Installation and Saby’s Single Petrol Bolt. The beach as such is not, but local kids will gladly show a few comfortable approaches to water (first of all it is a port Pier).

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