Romania Cities: Constanta

On the very coast of the Black Sea lies the city-port of Constanta – Antique Polis Tomis (VI in. to N. NS.).

The city is rich in history monuments – Roman wall with "Tower measnikov" (VI B. N. NS.), a monument to Ovid (he was exiled here and here is also buried), Roman mosaic (III-VI centuries. N. NS.), Genoese Lighthouse (XIII in., Functions in our day), Makhmud II Mosque (1910 g.), Orthodox Cathedral (1898.) and church (1908.). You can visit the Museum of Nature History and Archaeological Museum, Museum of Navigable, Ethnography, Astronomy Museum, Casino, Aquarium, Dolphinarium, Music and Drama Theaters.

In the vicinity of Constanta, the fortress of Histerium (the most ancient Greek settlement in the country, 657 g. to N. NS.), Triumphal Arch Triana (106-109. N. NS.), Tomis Fortresses, Calatis, Istria, Bala, Babadag and Capidava, famous monastery and Cave Dervent, as well as Roman monuments in Adamklisi. Along the coast stretches a whole series of first-class resorts.

Special attention deserves in 70 km north of Constanta District Delta Danube. The second on the length of the European River forms, when pushing into the sea, a thick network of ducts and old men constituting a huge (about 6 thousand. kv. KM.) a swampy area turned by the efforts of Romanian ecologists to the UNESCO biosphere reserve. There are more than 280 species of birds, of which about 180 species nest in this region, the rest arrive here from all over Europe. By "Brothers" (Danube Sleeves) Kilia, Sulina and St. George from Tulchi go steamers, organized numerous excursions to the places of mass accumulation of birds, alloy on the rafts and kayaks, highlighted special zones for sports fishing and bathing. No less interest causes the Museum of the Delta in Tulce, Basilica Nikuliece (370 g. N. NS., The most ancient Christian building of the country), Spit flying, Sakhalin Island, numerous monasteries, Lake Jalomitsa, as well as forests flying, kayafel and morof – Real Natural Reserves.

Reviews and studies of trips

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