Romania Cities: Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca and County Cluj – one of the most interesting tourist areas of the country.

In Cluj, the church of St. Mikhail (1396-1532.), Reformed Church (1486.), Belfi Palace (1774-1785.) – the former residence of Transylvanian princes (now here is the museum of arts), the city museum, the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania with the ethnographic village on the Hoy Mountain, Botanical Garden (founded in 1872.) and even more hundreds of old buildings and structures.

Reviews and studies of trips

Two tales of Transylvania

Transylvania is one of the regions of Romania – there was always something mysterious for me. She appeared in front of us in the whole manifold. First, in a spring warm Bistrite and Cluj-Napoca, followed by a rainy resort of mineral waters (so checked), then vain search for the Dakskaya fortress, to which they did not reach any couple of kilometers due to snowfall. Read more →

korobochka n | December 2007

Cities of Romania Cluj-Napoca

Roads Romania. (1 part)

Here is the Ukrainian border. Noticeably joyful revival and promising smiles on customs personnel faces. Baby customs officer interested in the route, the purpose of the trip and the contents of the trunk. Having learned that we are going to rest in Romania, and in the trunk, nothing but personal things, it is noticeably upset. After some thought, having completed another turn around the car, I say to my direction with a ukroris: "It is impossible to mock the people. Give anything!" His face, facial expression, pronunciation and indescribable intonation, with which it was said, cheated me. I took a pack of cigarette from the bag "Marlboro", And, barely holding back laughter, unnoticed him. Read more →

Victor Latevsky | July 2004

Ride home Dracula

What we ended up in Romania – it was rather a big chance: I really wanted to relax, see something unusual, and so that it’s not for the biggest money. After a short search, it turned out that the Motherland of Dracula is exactly the most: a visa does not need to issue, go not far and also numerous attractions at every step. Read more →

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