Poland City: Wroclaw

Wroclaw – one of the oldest Polish cities on the River Odra, the largest industrial, shopping, scientific, cultural and tourist center in the southwestern part of the country.


The oldest part of the city – Ostrove-Tumski, on which in the IX-X centuries. A fortress was built that defended the crossing across the river (through Wroclaw, a trading path connecting Russia with the West). During World War II, the old part of the city was practically destroyed, but at present, all old buildings are carefully restored and are of great interest. Atochev-Tumski attract the attention of monumental Cathedral of John the Baptist (1158 g., First Gothic Temple on Polish Earth), Church of St. Ksija and St. Bartholomew (St. Cross and St. Bartholomew, XIII-XV centuries.), Church of St. Marine (St. Martin), small Church of St. Study (XIII B., The oldest brick building of the Wroclaw) and adjacent to him Tower Kapitula.

On the other side of Odora, the city itself is built around the market and the majestic Town Hall (XIII B., Now they work here Historical Museum and Museum of medal art). Around the market there are vintage stone houses. Here it is worth viewing the baroque complex Wroclaw University with his famous Leopoldinsky hall (XVIII in.) in which the concerts and festivals of classical music, the university library and library pass "Oscolenium", Rotunda Ratslavitsky Panorama, National Museum of the city of Wroclaw, Former royal Castle, Church of St. Elizabeth (XIII B.), Church of the Virgin (XIV B.), Diocesan Museum and many other beautiful facilities.

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Unknown brand

The first visit to the city in Italy is read. It is notable for the fact that the fortress wall has been preserved around the city, which can be passed throughout its entire. Read more →

Cities of Poland Wroclaw

Vagant | June 2015

Memorial Places of our Warriors in Europe. Wroclaw, Vienna, Minle and damn bridge in the Swiss Alps

I did not have the goal to attend memorial cemeteries and burials to the Soviet and our soldiers in the process of travel, although initially one place was on. Read more →

gessor | Autumn 2014

Modern dreams of old Wroclaw

Today, Wroclaw is rightly be proud of its cultural unresolving to other Polish cities, and the special pride of the city – modern art, woven into the cracks of old walls. Read more →

Cities of Poland Wroclaw

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