Poland City: Village

10 km south-east of Krakow is the famous Village (WWW.Kopalnia.PL) with her ancient salt mine listed in the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Underground production are located on nine levels and interconnected by tunnels with a total length of more than 250 km, and this labyrinth is growing every year, as the copy existing. Miners who worked in them turned empty developments in amazing temples, underground chapels (St. Anthony, Saint Kings, and DR.), grottoes and long underground galleries, decorated with sculptures and bas-reliefs from salt.

V Wisla Cave Located a cozy cafe and shop. Interesting also underground exhibition Krakow Museum of Salt Space.

In 1964, an underground sanatorium was opened in Village, where the asthma is treated, and around the mines – many chosets and "Mine castle".

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Salt salt in great

The entire route, according to the guide, is 3 kilometers. In time we had two hours. 40 minutes we sat in the underground restaurant with quite saved food. Read more →

Going to Krakow?

. Be sure to go to Village. Salt caves that truly fascinate. This is a whole city with your characters, cafes and even a hotel. If you are traveling with a group – you can sympathize. You really overpay 2 times. Read more →

Cities of Poland Velichka

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