Poland City: Torun

Torun – the birthplace of Nikolai Copernicus, as well as a large medieval Hanseatic city and one of the residences of the crusader knights.

Here one of the largest Gothic buildings in Poland is preserved, brought by UNESCO to the list of international monuments. On the one hand, the Vistals have survived fragments of former urban fortifications with gates and "Falling tower" Ksiva Phea ("Curve Tower"), as well as granaries in the style of Gothic and Renaissance. In the neighborhood, the ruins of the Castle of the Crusader are towering (1231 g.), among the ruins of which is a museum.

Most architectural monuments are concentrated around the market and along the streets of the old part of the city. In the center of the market there is a Gothic Rectangular Town Hall (XIII-XIV BB.) In which the district museum is now working, and next to the town hall is a monument to Copernicus (a stone house is nearby, in which an outstanding astronomer was born, now the Copernicus Museum). In the old part of the city, special attention attracted chubs. Virgin Mary, Unusual Architecture Church of St. Yakub and Church of St. Yana (XIII in.) with a rich interior and famous bell "Pipe of Lord" (1500 g.), the second largest in the country. No less interesting "House under the star" (1697 g.) With the Museum of the Far East Art, ancient stone house with a tavern "Under smart apron" (1700 g.), as well as a military fort of the Second World War and the Torun Astronomical Observatory, open to visitors.

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Cities of Poland Torun

The ancient city of Torun

Torun is one of the most beautiful and richest architectural monuments of Polish cities. It was founded in 1233 on the right bank of the Vistula originally elsewhere. Read more →

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Torun: Stunning!

We were settled in the heart of the old city in "Apartamenty Torun" on Strumykowa. From the entrance to the hotel to the Town Hall on foot 210 meters. Pacific place. In Toruni a huge old town. And completely authentic. Read more →

Cities of Poland Torun

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