Poland City: Lublin

Lublin is one of the oldest and rich history of cities of the country, famous from the X century and a little away from the main tourist routes of the country.

Here are especially interesting to old winding streets, medieval defensive structures and towers, the chapel of St. Trinity (1418 g.) as well as Lublin Castle (XIII-XIX centuries.) in which the wonderful museum is now. It is worth visiting the Lublin Catholic University (the oldest private university of Poland), wander through the old town, to visit Krakow gates (XIV in., Now here is the city historical museum). Also interesting baroque Lublin Cathedral (1596.), Town Hall (XIV-XVIII centuries.), Troitskaya Tower (XIX in.) with a religious art museum and a circular panorama of Lublin, a market square with a courthouse (XVI in.) and many old buildings. Old Lublin is very small. Several quarters, three vintage Catholic chosets, central square and a little remote Lublin castle on the hill. The bus station is directly opposite the old city and it is impossible to get lost.

Southeast of Lublin lies a sad monument of history – the second largest concentration in Europe "Camp death" Maidan, in which more than 360 thousand. prisoners. This is the second largest (after Auschwitz-Birkena) a fascist concentration camp. 360 thousand people died here and if it were not for the arrival of the Soviet army, the local storage equipment would bring this camp for the first place by the number of those killed. Everything is saved here in the form in which it was discovered in 1944. Rows of barbed wire, observation tits, rows of barralls, crematoriums, gas cameras, where people sulfered "Cyclone-B". Already after the war, a worrying and tragic monument was erected in the southern end of the camp – a huge dome under which the ashes of innocent victims rest. And the first thing you see, coming out of the trolleybus – Giant Stone Monument at the main road. From here there is an overview of the entire camp and there are always live flowers.

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