Poland City: Lodz

Located 130 km from Warsaw Lodz – the second largest city.

From the XIX B. Large textile factories have been preserved here, working quarters, mansions of manufacturers and surrounded by parks Palaces, forming the largest architectural complex in style in Poland "Modern". The architectural ensemble attracts special attention "Xengi Mlyn", Villa Kindermanna and numerous palaces, in some of them now lay museums.

A kind of business card of the city is Petrkovskaya Street, on which the institutions, banks, hotels, restaurants, clubs and large stores, as well as streets of Vulchanskaya and Gdanskaya. In a multinational one, the city has survived many temples of different religions. It is interesting to inspect the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe (40 kV. KM.), Museum of Art, Museum of History of the City of Lodz, White Factory Ludwick Geilera, Proconut of Lodz Polytechnic, Poznansky Palace, Cathedral of St. Bacfacities, Peters House, the largest in Europe, the old industrial complex of Poznan and many other monuments of history and architecture.

Reviews and studies of trips

Lodz. Snow. Manufactory

The crown of Lodz walks was the morning snowfall, which raped exactly when I was in a very interesting part of the city – Manufactory. Under the snowfall walk? Read more →

Katyliery | January 2016

Cities of Poland Lodz

Zoo in Lodz

When we drove up to the zoo, then the rain was so strong. Walking on the zoo became completely impossible, people hurried to take places where it was possible to hide. And the rain is all lil. But I’m stubborn. Read more →

Oskanov | summer 2012

What to do in Lodz?

Lodz largest industrial city in Poland. He is the center of the Polish Textile Industry. In Lodz, a bunch of various factories, both destroyed, so new and recovered read more →

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