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Gdynia – one of the largest ports of the Baltic Sea. The city appeared after the First World War on the spot of a small fishing village. Together with Gdansk and Sopot, Gdynia enters Troyumysto (Trigor), city englas, stretched out a few tens of kilometers along the coast of the Gdansk Bay.


In Gdynia there are several wide golden sandy beaches. The largest beach is located in the city center, not far from the sailing pier, Soscucheko and Stone Mountain Square. Hiking access to the center makes the beach most popular in Gdynia. On the coast, playgrounds are located, beach volleyball and football areas, it is possible to rent sun beds and umbrellas. No shower cabins on the beach.

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Beach &# 346; R&# 243; Dmie&# 347; Cie, Red&# 322; Owo, or&# 322; Owo and babie do&# 322; Y are located on the distance from the central part of the resort and have excellent service. In the summer months on these beaches a little more freer than on the main urban.

In the summer months on the beaches of Gdynia, water bloom happens quite often. Flowering blue-green algae can cause skin irritation, so during this period from bathing it is better to refuse.

According to the Polish law, the sale and drinking of alcoholic beverages on the beaches of Gdynia are allowed only in coastal bars. For non-compliance with the prohibition, which is operating around the clock, relies fine.


Accommodation in Gdynia in the summer period should be booked in advance; Resort enjoys great popularity. The best hotels are located in the city center, within walking distance of beaches and train station. And when choosing a place of stay, it is worth considering who the hotel is oriented; There are enough hotels in the city, which are designed to receive business tourists. From the windows of hotels focused on the coast in the southern part of the resort, scenic views of the Gudan Bay.


Gdynia was very destroyed during World War II, therefore, many restored buildings and modern buildings are concentrated in the center of the city. However, in Gdynia, houses built at the beginning of the last century are preserved and being an example of a unique modern architecture.

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In the city enough interesting museums who like both children and adults. Among them – the oceanographic museum, a house-aquarium, a maritime museum inside a warship B&# 322; Yskawica, as well as a Dar Pomorza training sailboat, turned into a museum.

A stone mountain rises above Gdynia, from the top of which the ports of the port, wooded fonds and the Baltic Sea with a leaving distance of the Helsk Spit.


Gdynia is a seaside city, so fish restaurants, round-the-clock bars and other gastronomic temptations are concentrated mainly on the waterfront. Many restaurants use fishing tackles and networks.

On the beach in Primorsky district&# 322; Owo You can see the performances and concerts of classical music on the only city theater in the Gdynia summer scene. Witold Gomobrovich. The background of concerts serve cries of chaps, noise of waves and even a storm, which creates a special atmosphere.


Gdynia is located on a hilly terrain and has wide capacity for cycling. You can rent bicycles at rental points in the city center. Also on the resort there are tennis courts, swimming pools, indoor artificial skating rink and golf courses.

Developed club base makes Gdynia by the sailing capital of Poland. The city has excellent conditions for sailing sports. Instructors are taught even newcomers; Classes are held at the equipped pier located within walking distance from the city center.

In July or August, the Gdynia Sailing Days regatta is held in Gdynia, which collects Poland and the world in the city of the best Yachtsmen.

How to get

The nearest to Gdynia Airport is located in Gdansk. Direct railway and bus service connects the resort with Warsaw, Gdansk and other coastal cities in Poland. Ferry line operates during the summer season and connects Gdynia with anneal and other Hiel Spit resorts.

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