Cities of Norway: Bergen

Old Hanseatic city Bergen is one of the most picturesque places in Norway and in terms of the number of attractions is much superior to the capital.

Glory to the city brought the famous Hanseatic embankment Bruges (entered into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List), Bergenshus fortress (1261 g.), Rosencrana Tower (1546 g.), the old fish market for trading (works with XIII in.), Aquarium is one of the best in Europe, Mariyakirken (Church of St. Virgin Mary, XII in.), Museum of Arts Bergen with an excellent collection of munjanka paintings, Miro and Picasso, Manor Edward Griega – Trollohazhgen ("Hill trolls") on the picturesque shore of the lake, the funicular "Floybang" and hundreds "Gingerbread houses" Under the tiled roofs that make up the main beauty of the city.

Most sightseeing trips on Bergen begins "Country trolls", To the most long and deep fjord of Norway – Sognefjord, to the beautiful Hardangerfjord, on the ice array of Jostedalsbren, to the Lake Duipswati, to the waterfalls in the area of ​​Heirangerfjord and Trollveggen, to the unique Flome railway (20 tunnels at a 20-kilometer path of mountain slopes), and Also for picturesque rocky vertices near Odda, Swelborne and Andalsnes.

Save in Bergen will help the tourist map – Bergen Card. The card holder can move for free around the city on the trams and buses, as well as freely or with a tangible discount visit most museums, attractions and excursions. In many restaurants of the city, using this tourist map you can also get a discount. A tourist map in Bergen is produced for a day (23 euro for adults and 8.5 euros for children), 48 hours (30 or 11.5 euro, respectively) and 72 hours (37 and 14.5 euros). You can buy Bergen Card in the center of tourist information and in some hotels.

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Cities of Norway Bergen

Rostecan Tower and Castle Hall Hall

I was lucky to live in the city who kept my story to today’s days. One of the places where you can touch the story is the Rosencranian Tower and Castle Hokon Hall. Read more →

Vitane | Summer 2014

July morning in Bergen

Vintage Wooden Residential Quarter Bergen. Houses like new. I met on them signs with the year of construction – 1796, for example. Incredible. And very cozy! Read more →

TatianaseNAKH | July 2013

Unusual Crack

On the fish market Bergen, the same grain sails fluttered in the wind as in Portugal. DJVU, however. Now two countries have been lined up in the chain – Portugal and Norway. Read more →

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