Cities of Netherlands: Harlem

Linding 18 km west of Amsterdam City Harlem (Haarlem, WWW.VisitHaarlem.ORG) from the XI to XIII centuries. was a residence of the Dutch Palachgrafts, and therefore is saturated with historical and cultural cultural monuments than Amsterdam or Hague.

Attractions Harlem

Harlem is known perfectly preserved historical core around Central, or Market Square (GROTE MARKT), great gothic Church of St. Bavon (GROTE OF SINT-BAVOKERK, XIV in., famous for the grave of France Hals and the organ of 1738), town hall (XIV B.), home guard (XIII B.), Meat rows (XVII B.) and exhibition space Museum de Hallen.

  • Grotto Markt Square, Harlem
  • Typical facade of Harlem
  • Parade embankments Harlem

Also here can be visited Museum of France Hals (FRANS HALS MUSEUM) with a meeting of the local school of painting XVII century, the oldest in the Netherlands Natural Science and Art Museum of Taylor (Teylers Museum, founded in 1778) and Thieilles Hofye (1787.) with a traditional garden.

No less interesting Church of St. Anne, or new (Nieuwe Kerk, XVII in.), Palace Wellhelegen (Paviljoen Welgelegen, 1785-1789.) In the oldest park of the country – Haralemerhaut (Haarlemmerhout), Mill Andriana (De Adriaan) at the confluence of the new channel (Nieuwe Gract) and the Sparne River (Spaarne), old serfs North Railway Station (Station Haarlem Hoofdgebouw, early XX.) in the style of Ar Deco and National Museum of Psychiatry Het Dolhuys in a former crazy house.

    Cities of Netherlands Harlem
  • Harlem
  • Tower in Harlemer
  • Bridge in Harlemer
  • Gate in Kharlem

Dutch portrait of France Hals, who lived in Kharlem for many years, buried in the Church of St. Bavon. And the Khalz Museum is located in the old Harlemskaya Laddle (1608 g.). In Kharlem, you can also visit Episcopal Museum, Museum of industrial art In the castle XVIII in. and Church Grote-Kerk (XV – XVI centuries.).

Harlem is literally surrounded by water. The most beautiful types are the facades on the canals.

Around Harlem

South Harlem starts the fields that thousands of tourists attract each spring. After all, tulips of breathtaking colors, touching hyacinths and fragrant daffodils bloom. And a half dozens of kilometers from Kharlem there is a Keukenhof floral park.

  • Flowering tulips
  • Floral fields and bike
  • Field with narcissions

Especially popular entertainment – skating on bicycle blooming fields.

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