Cities of Montenegro: Ulcin

Ulcinj (Ulcinj, often his name pronounce "vice versa" – Ultsin) – The most southern city of Montenegro and one of the oldest cities of the country, located near the border with Albania on the picturesque hills with rich Mediterranean vegetation.


In the ulcin, the Old Town, the Catholic Church of St. Mark, the ruins of an ancient match, Turkish Barutan (XVIII century), Balshchi Palaces, the Chamber Venice, Exotic Shatskaya Lake and many other historical sites. You can visit the city museum, which is a whole historical and cultural complex, the remains of Venetian walls and the ethnographic museum with an excellent collection of exhibits.

South Ulciny stretches the most famous Great Melting (Big Beach) with a length of almost 13 km, consisting of the purest dark sand with therapeutic properties.

Beach resort

Here is a dry climate: 217 sunny days a year (a record on the Montenegrin Adriatic coast). Bathing season lasts from April to November. Summer water temperature often exceeds + 26 ° C.

    Cities of Montenegro Ultsin
  • Great Plazha

The Ultsinsky Riviera is famous for its sandy beaches (length – about 24 km), and in the local sand contains many salts and iodine, which gives him healing properties. The most famous is a big beach that stretches for 13 km. In the center of the city on the shore of the shallow bay there is a small beach 650 m long.


Ada-Boyana – the most famous and one of the most famous Nudist centers of Europe, located on the peninsula, almost entirely built up cafes, restaurants, clubs, beauty salons and sports fields of all kinds.

The beach of Ada-Boyani (3.8 km) is formed by small quartz-shell-coral sand, including almost 30 mineral biologically active substances. This sand is used in the treatment of infertility and diseases of the bone-muscular system. The beach is wide enough: from 50 to 150 meters and has a very gentle entrance to the sea, which contributes to the accelerated water heating. Because of this feature, the swimming season lasts here from the end of April to November. In the summer, in small lagoons and in shallow water, water can warm up to 30 ° C.

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