Cities of Montenegro: Petrovac

Ancient Petrovac-on-Sea is famous for its Venetian fortress Castello (Kashtio), Roman mosaics III-IV centuries. to N.NS., Churches of St. Tome (XIV in.) and St. Elijah (XV in.), as well as its excellent beach, covered with shallow red pebbles.

The resort is surrounded by olive groves and thick pine forests, so microclimate in Petrovac is very soft.

Bathing season here lasts from early April and until the end of November.

Tivat Airport from here 36 km.

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Reviews and studies of trips

Balkans 2012. Petrovac

From the walls of a small fortress Castello opens a wonderful view of the city. Generally, Petrovac is conveniently located "CENTER" beach line. Read more →

Cities of Montenegro Petrovac

Binzajr | summer 2012

Montenegro: from Kotan Bay to DurMutor

On the excursions, we took two days – we came to the north to the north in the second day, and I went to the north, to see the canyons of Morach rivers, Tara and Black Lake in the Durmitor Reserve. Read more →

Tanya Pechenina | August 2014

Rest family in Montenegro

We settled at Villa San Marco in the city of Becici. Cute white and orange house standing in the depths of the village, almost at the very mountains. From the sea it is almost not visible. 2 olives grow under the windows. Read more →

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