City of Montenegro: Hercegne

Herceg Novi town (Herceg Novi) – one of the most famous resorts of Montenegro, located at the entrance to the Kotor Bay (Boca-Kotor) and on the slopes of Mount Orienne.


The city park deserves attention, which grows several hundred species of subtropical and tropical plants, including several types of mimosa. In winter, the famous "Mimia festival", which lasts a whole month.

The city was founded more than 1600 years ago, so there are a variety of monuments of medieval architecture – bastions Fort Mare, Kalley Coula, Spagnay, Mamoula Fortresses, Exha, Arza and others, the famous Monastery of Savina (1030 g.), Church of Saints Jeronimo, Anton, Fano, Leopold Mandika and others, National Museum, many colorful old houses, as well as semi-meter marine promenade Pet Denitsa, practically connecting the city with neighboring resort area Igalo. You can visit the Arts Gallery and the Regional Museum, as well as numerous cozy restaurants and cafes, abundance scattered throughout the surrounding area.

Beach resort

In Hercegne, a wide variety of beaches: there are pebble natural beaches, a beach platform, as well as an artificial small sand beach.

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Cities of Montenegro Hercegnevia

Herceg Novi

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Cities of Montenegro Hercegnevia

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