Cities of Montenegro: Cetina

More picturesque than Podgorica, the old capital Montenegro – Cetina (Cetinje), a real city-museum based in the XIII in.

Mausoleums of the poet and philosopher Peter Nersh on the very top of Mount Leschen (1660 m, National Park), Cetinsky Monastery (1484-1785.) – the residence of Chernogorsk Metropolitans, in the walls of which are the disabled hand. John the Baptist, part of the cross, on which the Savior and the first printed book of the Southern Slavs were crucified – "Okey" ("Book of eight votes", 1494 G.), "Vladin House" (Former government house, 1910 g., Now there is a national gallery), the house of Prince-Bishop, a rich local lore Museum (1871.), King Nicola I Palace, Residence of King Peter II, Indoor Pavilion with Relief Card Montenegro (1917 g), "Blue Museum", Church of the Poin, Rich Art Gallery, Central Historical Museum and many other interesting places.

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Excursion to Cetina

The city itself is small, low houses. Passed by the buildings where there were European powers before the embassies, but now everything came into decay what is called, "By the boil". Read more →

Polina Boytsova | May 2018

Cities of Montenegro Cetina

Montenegro: country of black mountains

Montenegro is a rather small country, therefore, if you wish, all the vintage cities, located at a distance of a few kilometers away from each other, can be visited in a few days. Read more →

Tatyana Belonozhkin | May 2014

Travel to Montenegro

The plane comes to landing in Tivat from Budva, outlinary views of the surrounding mountains. Read more →

Cities of Montenegro Cetina

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