City of Maldives: Male

Male, the capital of the Maldives, is rich in attractions and, if necessary, can be circumvented in an hour and a half.

As an excursion it should be visited National Museum with a unique exposure of sculptures from Buddhist temples XII in. in Sultans Park, shady Park Jumuri Maidan, Palace Mouliage (1913 G.), the most revered shrine of the country – Chapel Honey Ziyarat, Tomb Mohammed Takurfan – National Hero Country Outdoor Nilafaru Magu, Bazaar Singapore At the top of the Candani Magu Street, Islamic Center with Mosque Great Friday (Big mosque, really the largest in the country), Old friday mosque with a unique minaret and tombs of national heroes and members of the royal family, as well as 25 picturesque mosques of the capital, of which are most interesting Khukur Mishsky (XII-XV centuries.) with minaret (1675 g.) and the cemetery of sultans, Bandara Bowy, Green Daruma Barita Mishsky (XV B., oldest in the country), Kalu Vakar Mishsky other.

Each tourist usually faces with another interesting building – International Airport on the island of Hulula, which is built literally at the cutting of water and impresses everyone entering the country.

Modern Club of scuba diving Located next to the new port of Male, and the beach island is artificially and is considered one of the cheapest in the country.

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Cities of Maldives Male Islands

Haydamak | Autumn 2015


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Cities of Maldives Male Islands

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