Malaysia Cities: Georgetown (Penang Island)

The capital of Penang Island – Georgetown (Georgetown) – the second largest city in Malaysia.

Interesting ruins of the British Fort Cornollys (1786-1804.) In the center of the city, the old Chinese city with narrow streets and two-storey buildings, "Miraculous" a gun "River Ramba", clan "big house" Hu Kongsi, Kuan Yin Teng Temple, Botanical Garden, Anglican Church of St. George (1818 g.), Museum and Pinang Art Gallery (1812 g.), European cemetery with sailors from the our cruiser "Pearl" and etc.

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Penang – one of the most interesting places of Malaysia

In the capital, the city of Georgetown, the British colonial architecture has been preserved, to which the famous Penang Street Art has been added in recent years. Read more →

Juan | Winter 2017

Cities of Malaysia Georgetown (Penang Island)

Malaysia – Indonesia – Singapore "A ray of light"

In Kuala – Lumpur on arrival we had free more than half days. Contrary to concerns, Olga’s guide did not leave us. Offered to choose from two routes each other better. Read more →

Vladimir Antonov | April 2016

Malaysia. Pinang Island. Graffiti Georgetown

There is a chip in Georgetown, which gives the city an inexpressible charm, a kind of raisin because of which we exactly remember this city forever. This is the local Street-Art. Read more →

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