Cities of Macedonia: Skopje

The capital of Macedonia – Skopje, as the city is known since the Roman Empire.

The modern capital of the country is divided into two parts – the old town populated mainly by Muslims-Albanians, and the new, "Zarechny Skopje", populated by Macedonians.

After the destructive earthquake of 1963, when Skopje was destroyed almost 70%, the architectural appearance of the city has changed a lot – removed "All world" Under the guidance of the Japanese architect to. TANGE, it still has no restored quarters, surrounded by houses of ultra-modernist architecture, which are taught over narrow winding streets of old areas.

From the old Skopje, only the central, adjacent to the Kale fortress (XI in.), Part – Charshia, which has recently turned into a colorful market area, considered the best eastern European Baza. Interesting Turkish Bani Daud Pasha (1466 g., Part of the building is given to the city art gallery), the tiny Orthodox Church of Sveti Savior (XVII-XVIII centuries.) with carved iconostasis (1824 g.), Mosque Mustafa Pasha (1492 g.), colorful Turkish Stone Bridge (XV in.) Through Wardar, Caravan-srates Kurshumli Khan (1550 g., In the XIX B. served as a prison), Sulie Khan and Kanan-Khan, Sultan Murat Mosque and the Clock Tower, Museum of Contemporary Art and Macedonia Museum, National Minority Theater, Macedonian National Theater and University.

In the new part of the city, it is worthwhile to explore the Orthodox Cathedral at the corner of Paritzansky Boulevards, Oredy and Arm, the building of the Academy of Sciences with a concert hall behind him, the city museum on the street. M.NS.Jasmine, Macedonian Parliament, Historical Archive Skopje, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of History, National Art Gallery, Culture Gallery, Macedonia Museum, Macedonian Tourist Information Center and Gypsy Suburb of Sudo-Ornzari. Near Skopje are the ruins of the Roman city of Zupupi – the center of the province of Darisa. On the slopes of the nearby mountain, the Church of the Sveti Pantelemon (1164 g.) decorated with frescoes of exceptional artistic value. Also nearby are Monasteries of Sveti Nikita (1307-1308.), Marco (XIV in.), Svetee Andrei (XIV in.) and uterus (XV in.), as well as the church of St. Anastasia (XVI in.).

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities of Macedonia Skopje

VERAINALBANIA | January 2014

Balkan summer 2014. Skopje

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Let’s go to Macedonia?!

INTERNATIONAL E871 Binds Bulgaria and Macedonia. Acquaintance begins with Mount Vitosha. Next, solid serpentines go beyond the industrial city. The border between the two states is highly on the pass. Read more →

Cities of Macedonia Skopje

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